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5 Different Kinds of Spirit Guides: Their Meaning and Spiritual Mission

Types of spirit guides

We all have spirit guides and beings of light who assist and protect us in our lives.

Our spirit guides are full of experiences from their previous lives on the earthly plane and therefore possess much knowledge and ancient wisdom.

Each spiritual guide comes into our life with a mission, so your fears, your doubts, your problems are also theirs and concern them, therefore they intervene in the development of your path.

These guide beings can be part of your life at any stage.

They are present from the womb of our mothers, and they also come in different moments of our existence to help us, especially those in which we may present problems.

What you should be clear about is that these beings of light that accompany usañaThey are full of positive vibes, that's why they are able to help us and protect us in the greatest sorrows.

Spirit guides and how they help us:

Spirit guides usually adopt various manifestations, among them they can even adopt animal forms, or reach us as archangels, angels, ancestors, etc.

Let's get to know some of the types of spirit guides and how they can manifest.

1. The Ascended Masters:

Within the ascended masters there may be relatives already deceased or people you do not know, but who have ascended to a higher plane.

They possess a lot of knowledge acquired in their previous lives, and they have faculties to help us move forward in our spiritual evolution.

These spirits are at high levels and help us in different ways:

  • They are always facilitating our purposes,
  • prepare us to achieve greater security and
  • they give us balance to be in tune with life.

2. Animal Spirit Guides:

Although it may be difficult for you to believe, animals are also spiritual guides and they also teach us from the earthly plane as beings of good.

For example, it can be an animal that was a long time by our side as a pet and then died, even in dreams it can also be presented with its spiritual guide in the form of an animal.

Each animal also has a spiritual meaning, so messages, dreams, intuitions and other ways of expressing their help to us can reach us.

3. The 7 Archangels and their missions:

These are sentient beings, of great light, endowed with wisdom, and energy. They are in command of the angels who are the ones who mediate between man and the deities.

All archangels have a specific mission, let's know its meaning:

* Archangel Saint Michael:

Miguel has a lot of power and he is the one who leads the warriors of God, with his sword he cuts all the negative that surrounds us and causes damage.

* Archangel Uriel:

It is related to everything that has to do with money and the abundance that can come to our lives. He is asked for luck on the roads to advance with determination.

* Archangel Chamuel:

He is the Archangel of everything related to love, this deity helps us to find on the roads not only love as a couple and family, but also self-love.

* Archangel Raziel:

His mission is to reveal buried truths and unearthañar mysteries. We entrust ourselves to him when we face obstacles and fears.

* Archangel Jofiel:

Jofiel is related to intellectuality and wisdom. He is invoked to beg for help, to open our minds, to meditate, and to achieve peace.

* Archangel Gabriel:

All good missives endowed with joy will be provided by this Archangel. To ask him do it with faith and Gabriel will bring you what you need.

* Archangel Raphael:

Its mission is to heal physically, mentally and spiritually. He is the doctor, the one who cures us from any disease and keeps us with vital energy to grow in life.

4. Guardian Angels:

Guardian angels are unique, that is, each of us has a guardian angel who protects and favors us, since we are born they are part of our life.

These assist us in every difficulty, sadness, but also give us moments of joy and do not separate from us, they give light to the steps we take.

They always guide us and correct the mistakes we can make, even when we think they are not there, they are by our side guarding our actions.

5. The Ancestors:

Our ancestors known or not, those who are linked to us through the blood family are the ancestors.

They always provide lessons, convey pleasant messages to us and even communicate things to us that we did not know so that we can make better decisions.

They can even transfer you to places and people that you have never met, in that way intuition reaches you, that is why there are people who then ask a relative or acquaintance about what they have seen and confirm that it is true, that it does exist.

Attend and trust our guide beings

Keep in mind that our spiritual guides rule our soul, they give us freedom, joy, peace, clarity, they support us and they watch over us.

Spirit guides will never point us to the wrong path, it is up to us to follow their advice, respect their warnings, and take the right path.

Therefore, we must attend to them and raise prayers filled with faith and love towards them so that we can always receive their blessings.

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