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Do you know the Types of Iré that the male Orishas offer to their children?

Types of ireses

He will go It is nothing more than the luck offered by the Orishas to their descendants in order to help them overcome difficult times they are going through, other times the religious obtain these blessings as a reward for their good deeds.

Types of Iré provided by male Orishas

There are different types of iré, those that are closely related to certain saints because they are offered by them to humans more frequently, a fact that does not prevent the other deities from making use of these same privileges.

Next, I will show you what are some of the irés that the descendants of the virile Orishas receive.

Owó: Development thanks to money.

This is considered a material good of development since it is developed through money.

It is often related to work and commerce so it is believed to be related to Oggun the patron saint of labor.

Erí or eledá: Luck for own head

The iré eledá is related to the intelligence of the santero and making good decisions, it is a good that grants Obatala mainly as this is the protective deity of all heads.

Okuní: Ashé received through a man.

The iré Okuní is the one that is received through the help of a man, it is a good that is firmly materialized, it is linked to Kawo Sile the Orisha of lightning.

Achegún Otá: Good luck to overcome difficulties.

Achegún, is the fortune and strength that is obtained to overcome difficulties and enemies, it is fostered by oshosi, the great hunter.

Santo who is in charge with his arrow to hunt the osogbos in order to put an end to them.

Elese Ocha: I will be obtained through the saints.

This iré is the strongest that exists on the face of the earth because it is given to the religious by mutual agreement of all the Orishas.

Otonaguá: Fortune that reaches the ilé through the sky.

This good is a divine gift from the very Constitution, since it constitutes the fortune that comes to ilé (house) from the kingdom of heaven, it is one of the best gifts that can be received.

Aiyé: The Luck that habita in this world.

He will go Aiyé habita on the earthly plane, it reaches the santeros at the hands of Eleggua, the Orisha owner of the roads who opens and closes the path to luck so that it crosses the path of the religious at will.

Elese Arugbó: A joy that is obtained thanks to an old man.

Saint Lazarus the miraculous saint is the deity in charge of promoting this happiness, which sends the devotees who deserve it through a person who combs gray hair, this blessing is related to health and housing.

Chinché: work is a valuable treasure.

Chinché is the prosperity that is obtained through honest work, it is precisely Orisha oko who is in charge of providing this blessing so that there is never a lack of sustenance to support the family.

Orumila: The blessing that is manifested through the Great Ifá fortune teller.

The sacred rule of Ifá offers its blessing through the powers of Orunmila his Oracle.

This supreme deity is in charge of eliminating the osogbos that may prevent the arrival of the iré to the lives of their children, it is considered a protective iré.

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