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Did you know that there are different types of honey? Meet 12 of them

Types of honey

Honey is a natural element which has numerous beneficial properties for people in areas such as health and aesthetics. 

But it is also highly spiritual, as it can move positive energies and is used primarily in spells and rituals to attract love and enhance emotional ties.

Honey is a symbol of sweetness, love and affection, and these forces can also ward off negative energies and block bad desires.

Varieties of honey, their benefits and spiritual significance

We must know that there are many types of honey, with different and similar properties and benefits. 

All are ideal for moving good energy and attracting love, but their properties vary. 

How can we use honey in spirituality?

Natural honeys to use in rituals the purer the better, for example, we can use them specifically in spiritual rituals on the table:

  • Home or business cleaning for luck
  • Purifying baths to attract love and all the beauty of life
  • Offerings to the deities
  • Working spiritually with elements such as honey candles are also very powerful to activate energy.

12 Types of Bee Honey that you should know:

We present below, some of the most popular honeys in the world for its flavor, medicinal and spiritual properties.

1- Linden honey

Some of the characteristics of linden honey is its almost transparent light color and its flavor that is quite sweet.

This comes from the great natural forests of Romania where the bees collect the nectar of the linden flower, transform it and combine it with their own substances, then storing it in honeycombs. 

This honey matures and is collected in June.

It is a honey used mainly to calm and sweeten the spirits.

Some of the health benefits it has are the following:

  • It is used to treat the symptoms of colds and flu.
  • Increases sweating if it is taken hot and mixed with lemon, which can reduce fever
  • Helps reduce anxiety

2- Floral honey

This type of honey is known as meadow or multifloral honey because it is made with the pollen of different species of flowers.

This varies according to the area in which the bees and hives are found. 

The aroma is strong and its flavor also because it combines the nectars of various botanical species.

Among its properties are:

  • It is used to improve our defenses (immune system)
  • Soothe the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

3- Acacia Honey

Acacia honey is collected in areas where this type of flower predominates. 

This type of honey has a fairly light color and the taste is sweet. It is amber in color and has a slightly persistent floral aroma.

As benefits it has:

  • If taken before going to sleep, it can help calm anxiety and nerves.

4- Buckwheat honey

This type of honey is the darkest of all and its flavor is a bit spicy. 

Buckwheat honey is a highly nutritious honey made by bees that collect nectar from buckwheat flowers. 

It is known as buckwheat honey and its properties are very beneficial for health.

Some call it honey from Galicia, as it is produced a lot in that region. 

In the Iberian Peninsula, the sowing of buckwheat occurs between May and June, so the bees look for the flower in the months of June and July. 

Other countries where this honey is produced are China, Russia, Ukraine, France, Poland and the United States.

Among its virtues we find:

  • It has a large amount of antioxidants and minerals.
  • Improves cough in children.

5- Sage honey

Sage honey is usually yellow with some green tinge and comes from the slopes of California's Sierra Nevada range produced from sage flowers. 

Like sage, it is a highly spiritual honey that can be used in home purification and protection rituals. 

The benefits it provides for our health are very important, such as:

  • Treatment of respiratory problems such as coughs
  • Strengthens the immune system.

6- Chestnut honey

This honey is collected in fields where the chestnut blossom is present. Its name is derived from Kastana, a Greek city where it was first produced. 

But today it is a common product in many regions of Spain.aña.

Its characteristic color, brownish red, makes it special and striking and is known as molasses. 

It has a fairly strong flavor and offers the following benefits:

  • Acts against colds and sore throats
  • Whether añaof a homemade toothpaste can help prevent tartar
  • Dietary supplement.

7- Jerusalem thorn honey

Jerusalem thorn honey is yellow in color. It comes from the plant known as Jerusalem thorn, but also called cinnacin, palo verde, espinillo or cinna. 

He is also told Espina Santa honey.

The producing countries of this honey are India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Israel, Libya and Egypt, in addition to the southern part of the Arabian peninsula.

The Jerusalem thorn plant is mentioned in the Quran and is called the plant of paradise, which is why many Muslims indicate that their honey is sacred and blessed.

Among its properties are:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Relieves respiratory problems.

8- Honey from the mountainaña

It has many medicinal properties because the raw material is the uncontaminated herbs of the mountains.

It comes from a natural blend of oak honeydew and flower honey and is produced in many European regions.

Its medicinal benefits include:

  • Helps soothe a sore throat
  • Complement for athletes

9- Lavender honey

Lavender honey is highly scented, like the flower from which it is produced, and has an intense flavor. 

This type of honey is highly produced in Spain.aña and it is known as Alcarria honey due to the particularly producing region.

Among its properties we highlight:

  • Helps to relax thanks to the scent of lavender
  • It is an excellent food supplement

10- Evodia honey

Evodia honey, also called bee tree, is widely used in the United States and has a high nutritional value.

Usually this honey is included in the pastry.

This honey is also attributed spiritual purifying properties and its high nutritional value makes it an excellent ingredient and food supplement.

11- Sunflower honey

Sunflower honey is yellow in color and has a characteristic aroma. 

It is produced in much of the world, because the sunflower flower is present in many regions, but the most popular is from Spain.aña. 

Its properties are listed below:

  • Helps treat respiratory problems
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Digestive system treatments

12- Goldenrod honey

Its golden or dark yellow color and its exceptional aroma make this one of the most sought-after types of honey. 

It is produced mainly in Canada, where the goldenrod flower originates from. The plant is also cultivated in North Africa and Asia.

Among its properties are:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Treatment of nervous disorders

Meet some powerful rituals with honey:

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