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All about Santa Barbara, the miraculous saint

Santa barbara cuba

The miraculous saint, the Cubans call her, the one who with mercy answers the prayers of all her devotees. Santa Barbara syncretized in Yoruba religion with Monkey, Orisha of thunder, is one of the most revered deities in Cuba. The Saint is asked for strength, protection and help to get ahead and, above all, to overcome difficult situations.

Here we present:

10 items about Santa Barbara:

1. Representative elements

Santa Barbara It is usually represented with the clothes of its time, a maiden's headdress and a series of objects that differentiate it from the other saints:

  • Crown: Indicates that he reached the kingdom of heaven.
  • Tower: Alluding to the place where he was imprisoned.
  • Sword: The weapon with which his father took his life. A symbol of unshakable faith.
  • Chalice: It was comforted with the Eucharist.
  • Ray: She is the patron of the artillery weapon. He fell during his martyrdom.
  • An olive branch in his hands. Representing martyrdom.

Sometimes stone blocks, which represent a rock on the mountain.aña. Where did she run to?

2. Controversy of his inclusion among the Vatican saints

According to legend, she was one of the "14 Holy Helpers" of the Catholic Church and mainly protected those who were in danger of death and did not have a sacrament.

But at the second Vatican Council in 1969 his name was removed from the list of saints of the Catholic Church, due to the non-existence of the historical character.

3. There is no historical reference to its existence

Her removal from the Vatican list of saints is given because there is no reference to her in any of the numerous authentic Christian texts, nor in the lists of martyrs of the Church Fathers, or in the Martyrology of Jerome.

The legend, however, indicates that Santa Barbara He lived in the third century in the city of Heliopolis in Phenicia, in Lebanon and from that point on, he became very popular in Christian worship.

4. The Legend of Santa Barbara

In the third century, the father of Santa BarbaraDioscorus, fearful of the young woman's Christian ideas, locked her up at the top of a tower, to prevent men from seducing her in her absence and to be able to marry her when she returned.

During her father's absence, Barbara embraced the Christian faith, was baptized and added one more window to the two that the tower already had, to symbolize the Holy Trinity.

But Dioscurus was enraged by it and took her to court to force her to renounce her faith, for which she was tried, mistreated and humiliated.

Her father was the one who beheaded her with a sword on top of a mountain.aña, after which he was struck and killed by lightning.

Barbara was buried in a small town, in which later and according to popular legends, many miracles occurred.

5. His day is December 4

The holiday of Santa Barbara It is December 4, everyone is remembered. And in many countries, tides of people dressed in red in his honor pay tribute and beg for protection.

Many venerate them in their homes with an image or a personal altar and worship and ask for divine favor regarding health and daily well-being. They give him offerings, light candles and carry his image on their shoulders in processions.

6. Requests to Santa Barbara

the miraculous Santa BarbaraHer devotees ask her for protection against injustice, envy and implore her to give them strength to undertake dangerous actions and win over enemies, since she is the virgin of those who fight with weapons.

As we said, people who are in a desperate situation and harbor faith and hope also come to it.

7. The saint of many

Santa Barbara She is the patron saint of several cities and towns in Spain.aña, Mexico, Peru and other countries mainly in Latin America.

In most of the countries of Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean, there are temples dedicated to the Virgin.

8. The Santa Barbara of Cuba

In Cuba, Santa Barbara He is one of the most revered deities, syncretized with the Orisha Shango of the Yoruba religion. Cubans venerate them in their homes with an image or a personal altar and worship and ask for divine favor.

El Santa Barbara Day Its devotees go to the National Shrine dedicated to the saint, located in the Párraga neighborhood, in the Arroyo Naranjo municipality and bring flowers, candles, fulfill promises and ask for miracles.

9. The fighters, children of the saint 

People who consider themselves children of the Santa BarbaraThey are characterized by their energetic, stubborn, fighter and strong character. All the devotees, including their children, are the proteges of the saint.

 10. Prayers to Santa Barbara: 

This is the most popular simple prayer to the saint:

Blessed Santa Barbara, protect me and my family from problems, from storms, from gossip, from intrigue, from the evil of my enemies and make sure that they cannot against me.

Protect us with your sword and cover us with your cape, my family and me.

Don't let anything bad happen to us.


Old prayer for protection:

Saint Barbara, blessed virgin, great of immense power, may God be with you, and you with me on the path of good.

With your victorious sword, deliver me from evil, injustice, envy and evil eyes.

With the power of lightning, protect me from my enemies, glorify the fiery muzzle of my cannon and let me emerge victorious.

With the cup of your cup and wine keep the strength of my body and spirit for the hard fight and combat.

Receive my apples and daisies as an offering that I always keep in mind in my thoughts and in my home, and I beg you, never leave me and come to me whenever I claim you to defend my faith, my land, my family and my struggles; and that in the end you always take me to glory like you.


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