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Tomas Romero: The Osha is born from knowledge, faith and the heart

Tomas Romero

Tomas Romero Ewin Leti was a renowned and respected Cuban Oriate in Havana and the rest of Cuba, famous for his ashe for carrying out funeral honors and treats with eggun.

He was the godson of Munda Rivero Okikilo and Octavio Sama Obba Odi Meyi.

Despite being gago, Romero had a path in the Osha to become an Oriate and he did so even overcoming his condition, because despite being a man of few words, his verb was always precise and effective.

He did not like to beat around the bush and was an enemy of leaving for meañana the problems and situations that could be solved where and when they arose.

Discipline and order within Santo's room were a priority

Discipline and order within the saint's room were a priority for this religious, since he considered that in the religious house where this was lacking, no consecration would go well.

Tomasito Romero, as he was known by his friends and close people, specified that the prelude to any ceremony was eggun and that if the spirits were not counted, one could not go to the Osha's room as this was a serious lack of respect for the ancestors. .

The success in the ceremonies was in the knowledge, in the faith and the heart

Tomas Romero worked in the religious field with renowned santeros such as Latuan and Fermina Gómez from whom he learned that:

A large part of the success in religious ceremonies was in the study and knowledge, and the other part in the faith and the heart that was put into the consecrations.

Only that mixture was effective to work the Yoruba pantheon, a teaching that must be transmitted to the new generations and it is necessary that it not be lost, fundamentally in the times that humanity is living, where many men have been dazzled by greed and interest. , a situation that distances religion from the spirituality with which our ancestors used to work with the Osha and spiritualism in the past.

Among his disciples was Liberato Valdes who became one of the most famous Oriates in Cuba.

In 1961, Tomas Romero died after having made multiple consecrations and having left a religious people formed in his doctrines.

His funeral honors were in charge of three of his disciples, Orlando Shangó Walu, Maximiliano Ordaz and Eladio Papalote.

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