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Which totems should you have at home to protect yourself? Symbols of power

Spiritual meaning totem

Many times we have seen the image of a totem in everyday life or in the cinema, even though we are not always aware of the power and history that these symbols contain.

However, totems are shrouded in immense mysteries, even though we know that they are exponents of great spirituality.

We know that they are sacred objects, but some people even indicate that they function as a protective amulet or that they contain the soul of deities.

We recognize them as a large wooden column like a pole that is sculpted to form various figures, almost always the faces of animals.

What is a Totem? A little history

The totem is a sacred object or symbol, usually carved in wood, that represents a tribe, clan, or people belonging to a specific group.

What is a Totem
Representation of a Totem

The word totem comes from the word Ojibwe "odem" which means "people" and symbolizes the close relationship of the indigenous tribes with animals, since they thought that each person had a spirit of power that protected them, in the form of an animal.

  • The Ojibwa are a people located in southern Canada and north of the Midwest of the United States.

Totems are monuments created by indigenous cultures, especially in Canada and the United States, with the intention of representing and commemorating ancestors, certain people or events, always in relation to animals and figures sacred to them.

However, these tribal representations are not limited to the Ojibwe people, but can be found in various cultures around the world, although with different names, beliefs and concepts.

The totem can include a variety of attributes and meanings for the linked group.

Some of the main Totem Types are:

  • Memorial (to honor a homeowner),
  • as an architectural element, to welcome people,
  • mortuaries, to honor a deceased,
  • “shame” totems, to ridicule a person or group who committed a fault,
  • represent family history or legend

Each totem can contain one or more animal figures.

According to the natives, these engravings represent the soul of the people and each clan was descended from them.

Among the most popular are the wolf, eagle, grizzly bear, elephant, killer whale, frog, crow, owl, and salmon.

Usually, the totems are between three and 20 meters high. The highest that exists today is 53 meters and is located in the town of Alert Bay, in British Columbia, Canada.

Totem and spirituality Do you know its spiritual meaning?

For these indigenous tribes, totem animals reflect supernatural forces and spiritual attributes related to a person or group of people.

Also in some cultures, the three levels of the human being were represented in the totem:

  • Lower self (or unconscious)
  • the middle me (the mind)
  • the higher self, always represented with a winged figure or a bird, symbol of expansion.

If there were other figures above the winged figure, they implied deities of higher planes.

How do I know what my Totem is based on my date of birth?

There are 12 totem animals that are usually associated with each person's date of birth, as there are still deep-rooted beliefs about the powers of these symbols.

Define your totem by date and discover your spirit animal:

  1. Otter: Date of birth between January 20 and February 18
  2. Wolf: Date of birth between February 19 and March 20
  3. Halcón: Date of birth between March 21 and April 19
  4. Castor: Date of birth between April 20 and May 20
  5. Red deer: Date of birth between May 21 and June 20
  6. Woodpecker: Date of birth between June 21 and July 21
  7. Salmon: Date of birth between July 22 and August 21
  8. Bear: Date of birth between August 22 and September 21
  9. Crow: Date of birth between September 22 and October 22
  10. Snake: Date of birth between October 23 and November 22
  11. "Búho": Date of birth between November 23 and December 21
  12. Goose: Date of birth between December 22 and January 19

Spirit Animals and their meaning

  1. Otter: they are very independent people, who have a different vision of reality, adequate reasoning, intelligent and creative, but rebellious and ruthless.
  2. Wolf: passionate and emotional people, with a heart and philosophy, stubborn, obsessive and impractical in certain situations.
  3. Halcón: ingenious people who know how to get out of trouble with a head; ability to concentrate, very smart but pessimistic.
  4. Castor: people who usually command, efficient and calm, good workers and perfectionists; loyal, compassionate, helpful and generous, but a little cowardly.
  5. Red deerVery creative, resourceful, cheerful, inspiring, environmentally minded, demanding of themselves, presumptuous and temperamental people.
  6. Woodpecker: affective people, they know how to listen to others; jealous, angry and possessive; dedicated, loving and romantic.
  7. Salmon: intuitive and vital, very sociable and recognized among his many friends; very intelligent, intuitive and generous; sensual in love
  8. Bear: pragmatic and firm to control problems, dedicated, generous and loving; humility and shyness with great temperance.
  9. Crow: enthusiastic, brave and enterprising, with charisma among others and with a good attitude always; personable, intuitive and patient.
  10. Snake: linked to the spiritual world, mysterious and terrifying; fun, helpful and caring people; though violent and dark.
  11. "Búho": adaptable and flexible people; adventurous and brave; passionate, delicate and very attentive in love.
  12. Goose: they are persistent, ambitious and tenacious individuals; persistent in your goals; is a good friend and adviser person; kind, sensual and passionate in love.

3 Totems that we should have at home to protect us of evil

The totems do not only include the works of art of the indigenous tribes, but the figures of the twelve animals mentioned above are also considered amulets of protection.

Some of these are excellent amulets to have at home, as they are endowed with powers to protect the home and family.

Decorative totems can help us protect our house from bad energies.

For example:

1. The totem elephant, strength and stability

It symbolizes strength, honor, stability and peace, happiness, longevity and good luck.

They are the embodiment of strength, power and wisdom.

The elephant represents a model of family life and values. That is why the elephant totem helps to strengthen ties of affection that go far beyond kinship.

The elephant is associated with the sacred feminine energy and is also a symbol of fertility and parental love.

How do elephant figures help and protect us?

  • It guarantees great sensitivity and social connection.
  • The figure grants us luck in all our projects.
  • This animal figure will help us eliminate obstacles and barriers no matter how difficult they are.
  • It will give you strength to endure difficult situations and resolve them.

2. The totem horse, freedom and dreams

The horse is a symbol of freedom.

It is said that horses were given the power of divination, and the ability to recognize those who practice magic, which is why today they are a symbol of the magical expression of the human being.

Have a hair as a totem at home:

  • Help with movements, new projects and trips.
  • It is a symbol of desires, especially sexual desire, so it is also a representative of marital happiness and carnal relationships.
  • The horse brings with it new projects and allows us to discover the freedom of the world.
  • It is excellent to enhance our commitment to the goals and dreams that we have set for ourselves.

3. The totem owl, wisdom and protection

The owl is a symbol of magic and mystery. It also represents the feminine, the moon and the night.

And it is that the totem owl is related to fertility and seduction and at the same time with magic and darkness, prophecy and wisdom.

A multitude of superstitions and beliefs have been woven around the owl.

But the truth is that it is a symbol of home protection, as it will be able to:

See and hear what others are trying to hide; they will hear what is not said and see what is hidden.

The figure of this bird is also said to represent happiness and a long marital union, as some species of owls mate for life.

Other amulets that we must know for their great energy power:

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