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What is Toyale? Destiny marked through the Osha


The Toyale It is the odun by which the life of the santero is governed once he receives his consecration in the sacred rule of Osha.

It is through Itá that the initiate begins to understand the rules that he must follow so that his life is more prosperous and he can get away from osogbos and misfortune.

Why is the Itá notebook important?

Due to this is the importance that is given to the Itá notebook, as it is the document that keeps the signs, advice and warnings that are made to the Iyawo.

A tool that can be a source of salvation for the religious if its indications are followed, or an abyss of perdition if it is ignored.

The Toyale and its Secrets

The Toyale accompaniedaña of two witnesses, which are considered religious complements.

Through these other odunes the santero will be able to delve into the events that could happen to him in the present or the future, although on some occasions they may reveal part of the past.

Quoting the words of Oluo Pedro Muñoz there are no good signs or bad signsThese are represented by the patakis and it is the individual who chooses which way he wishes to travel:

If you want to settle down and modify your behavior to grow as a person or if, on the contrary, you prefer to stagnate in the performance of bad actions.

The union of the Toyale and the two odunes witnesses give rise to the emergence of religious secrets, a treasure that is protected in the pages of the Itá notebook.

In order to achieve positive change in life, I wish that you go to the saint's room:

  • The religious must first of all be receptive to the word of his deities, since these will show him the way by which his obedience will be rewarded with health and prosperity.

The saints begin to save the religious the moment he becomes receptive to advice and constructive criticism.

The prohibitions that are made in Itá they must be respected and incurring them could bring misfortune to the life of the santero.

The study of religion and the Toyale

The study of religion is one of the fundamental pillars through which the Toyale is based.

Well, as the santero knows his sign, he will obtain more knowledge and tools to save himself.

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