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How to do a job with Elegguá so that new doors are opened?

I work with Elegguá

Elegguá is a warrior par excellence in the Yoruba Pantheon, who is opening the ways of the religious and those who trust him.

It is the smallest of the Osha, and it is with whom you will work to achieve that firmness and open paths in life.

Opening paths will also open the doors of development and prosperity, of health, abundance and luck.

Always remember that faith is that trust that you blindly place in what you do and in whom you place it.


  • Vela
  • Schnapps
  • 7 guinea peppers
  • Corojo butter
  • Honey
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked hutia
  • Fine grass (like the one that grows in lawns)

Prepare a Work at the foot of Elegguá to open paths and achieve firmness

  1. First you light a candle and ask Elegguá's permission and blessing, you give him knowledge of what you will do and that you need to help you.
  2. You put Elegguá inside a gourd, and by blowing a lot of brandy into it, you will wash it and with great faith you will rub its representation with your hand.
  3. That brandy that remains in the gourd is thrown at the door of your house so that the entrance is free of all kinds of dark energies and between the good.
  4. You put Elegguá back in the gourd, chew 7 guinea peppers, take a crop of brandy and blow it onto Elegguá.
  5. Then you rub Elegguá, but this time with corojo butter.
  6. On top you pour honey, smoked fish and smoked jutía.
  7. And at the end, you cover Elegguá completely with fine grass and put him to sunbathe.
  8. Before going out to sunbathe, you blow out his candle.

A ritual that takes place for 3 days

The procedure that we did previously you will do it for 3 days in a row, that is, every day you put Eleguá in the sun, then you remove it and put it behind the door of your house, and the next day you do the same.

When you enter the house, you light that candle for a while and spend some time meditating and talking with the orisha.

May the blessing of the Orisha protect you by doing this work with Elegguá, stay with you and shelter you with love, health, abundance and good luck.

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