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I work with Eleguá to open the roads and be firm

I work with Eleguá to open the roads

Everything that is done with faith and love comes to fruition. Today we will work with Elegua, the Yoruba child who achieves everything, the one who closes and can open our paths.

It is a very simple work where coconut is the main ingredient. This fruit is sacred in our religion and its owner is Eleguá, it attracts the positive, drives away the negative and therefore calls for abundance, health, love and prosperity, a purifying element that protects, heals and cleanses.

Eleguá work for development:

This work is very effective, and you will need to get few elements, all of them are essential and cannot be replaced because they have a special and unique function in this ritual.


  • 1 coco 
  • Honey bee
  • Rum or brandy
  • 3 cents
  • 1 candle

With the following prayer you can invoke the little giant in this work:

If you are aleyo (not initiated in the Yoruba religion) or you are a devotee of Eleguá you can also do this ritual. In this case the work will go on the ground, behind the door.

How to prepare the ritual?

  1. Take the coconut and wash it, then you will break it so that both parts are almost equal (do not abuse the coconut or throw it on the floor).
  2. Once split, they wash it again so that no peel remains inside.
  3. He will put both parts of the coconut in front of Eleguá, light his candle and ask the Orisha for his blessing, if you wish you can put them on a white plate.
  4. In one of the tapas of the Coco you pour honey until complete, not much, not little, just what is necessary, as my grandmother used to say.
  5. In the other lid you will pour the rum or brandy.
  6. You sound the maraca of Eleguá or you tap on the ground to invoke it and say:

Eleguá here is your son / daughter (you say your name) thanking you for everything and I come to you for my development and my prosperity.

  1.  Take some time to talk with him and place your order, the candle will be on until it is consumed.
  2. You will leave the work for 21 days, but if you wish you can leave it from Monday to Monday.
  3. After the deadline, you will take her to a mountain, a bush or a place dense with plants, which is where the Orisha lives.
  4. There in the mountains or at home in front of Eleguá you can clean yourself with those 3 cents (remember starting with the head and finishing the cleaning on the feet), the pennies you will leave next to your work in the mountains.

May this powerful work with Eleguá help you achieve health and firmness in your life, remember that to open the roads you must have a lot of faith and fight to achieve it.

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