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I work with Eleguá to tame enemies and succeed at work

I work with Eleguá for the enemies

There is never a lack of people who are bothering us in the jobs we have, sometimes they are immediate bosses or supposed colleagues who make our work life difficult.

This ritual at the foot of Eleggua It is to appease these people, smooth rough edges, so that we feel that in our work environment the energies flow favorably, and we have well-being and balance.

If you overcome your relationship with your boss or those people who disturb you in any way, I am sure you will triumph and the roads will open before you. That you feel good in your job and relax, it is already an achievement.

Looking for tranquility at the foot of Eleguá ...

Elegguá, the little prince of Osha, is in charge of opening our paths, but he also closes them, that's when we find ourselves in trouble.

He does not close them for pleasure, he always has an important reason to close them, sometimes because he is warning us that this is not the right job, others so that you face obstacles and have more faith in him, or simply so that we learn to be more strong.

I will not tire of saying that faith is paramount in our belief and in any other, it moves mountainsañas and with it we solve everything, so it will be the main ingredient in this ritual.

Powerful sticks that tame and reassure:

This work consists of working with handsome tame sticks and "I can do more than you" stick. Both sticks are very powerful, strong and effective.

  • The amansaguapo is to dominate, conciliate, pacify people who tend to be surly and brusque with us, as the name says.
  • The stick "I can more than you", as its name also says, serves to make the path take the direction you want for that person, with strength and determination.

I work with Eleguá for the enemies

I want to make it clear that not only the paleros use sticks for work, but also in Osha (Santeria) they are used in many rituals and ceremonies.

Remember that we should never ask for anything negative for others, we only ask that that person change their way of being with us, take another course and not bother us by blocking our energy.

It is one thing to want our path to change for the better and another to wish the person badly, with this work You do NOT hurt anyone.

Evil is never asked for because in the end it is reversed, it multiplies and sooner or later we will pay for the damage that we did and that we desire.


  • amansaguapo stick
  • Palo "I can more than you"
  • Vela
  • Brown paper
  • Pencil
  • White thread
  • Red thread
  • Tobacco
  • Schnapps

How to do the ritual in the name of Eleguá?

  1. You take the stick of amansaguapo and slice it in the middle, likewise with the stick "I can do more than you."
  2. Light the candle to Elegguá, ask for his blessing and give him knowledge of what you will do and the reason why you do it. Remember not to ask for anything bad, it is better to complain about what is happening to you and that is why you will do this work, to smooth things over.
  3. If you know, ask Eleguá if he agrees with this work and if that will solve your problem, it is the best.
  4. On the brown paper and with a pencil you will write the name of the person 7 times and on top of that name you will write their name 7 times.
  5. You turn the paper and behind it you will do the same, his name 7 times and yours on top 7 times.
  6. You join one half of the amansaguapo stick with the other half of the stick "I can do more than you"
  7. You take the paper with the names and wrap it around the attached sticks. Always roll it towards you to attract.
  8. Once the paper has been rolled up, you begin to wind the white thread from one end of the stick to the inside or the middle.
  9. Now in the other half you also wind red thread.
  10. You must roll a good amount of white and red thread and that the union of both sticks is very strong and dense.
  11. It should be half white and half red, and you should always ask out loud when winding the threads.
  12. The other halves of the sticks that we don't use can be saved for other works.
  13. Place the finished work in front of Elegguá or inside in his casserole, add brandy or rum and tobacco smoke. Whoever does not have received the orisha can do so in his name, but behind the door. 

Let the candle burn out and that work must remain with Elegguá for you to resolve the situation.

Every Monday you must pour brandy and blow tobacco smoke, meditate with Eleguá and tell him how the situation is going so that he can help us. The stick will serve to tame enemies, appease them and provide peace of mind.

Thousands of blessings and may this powerful work with Eleguá for enemies bring you peace and tranquility in your life.

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