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Do you want to tame a person? I work with Eleguá to smooth

I work with Eleguá

If you want to soften someone who won't stop bothering you, it disturbs you and every day its forms make you uncomfortable and you want to soften its character, you can do this work at the foot of Elegguá.

It will also help us to soften and tame love, for enemies, to open paths, this work will serve us in all kinds of people, because when there is peace everything turns out for the best.

Whether you need to calm or sweeten your enemies, soften the character of someone we love as a couple, family, friends, or a person in general, we do this job with Eleguá.

Let us remember that it is NOT a work to do harmIt is so that the character is softened, calmed down, so that everything flows and we have peace in our environment.

Why do we entrust ourselves to Eleguá in this ritual?

Elegguá is one of the warriors together with Oggún, Oshosi and Osun, and it is very powerful, it helps us on the path of life to overcome obstacles.

He is an orisha of the Yoruba pantheon syncretized with the Santo Niño de Atocha, he is a greater Orisha, the one who holds the keys to our destiny and happiness, the one who opens and closes the roads.

He is a great protector of all those who worship and greet him, whenever we have a problem he listens to us, is a vigilante and knows what is best for us in life.


  • Brown paper (cartridge paper as we say in Cuba)
  • Graphite pencil
  • Vela
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco
  • Palo Amansaguapo
  • White thread
  • Black thread
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon
  • 3 cents

How do we do this powerful work with Eleguá?

  1. You take a piece of brown paper and tear it with your hands, on that paper with graphite pencil you write the name of that person you need to tame, you will write that name 7 times.
  2. You light the candle to Elegguá and you blow brandy and tobacco smoke, you ask for his blessing and you give knowledge of what you are going to do.
  3. You wrap the paper in the handsome tame stick.
  4. Then you take the white thread and you start to tangle it in the middle of the stick, and with the black thread you tangle the other half.

Remember that this work is to reassure the person, not to sodomize them.

To take into account in the ritual:

As you tangle the threads, you must ask for that person to calm down, throughout the entire work you must be completely focused on what you are doing.

  • You put the stick in a small plate next to Elegguá and add honey and cinnamon powder, not so much honey, not so much cinnamon.
  • You will leave this work at the foot of Elegguá until that person softens. Then you can withdraw it and take it to the mountain with 3 cents of duty.

Then you offer Elegguá a sweet, jams, flowers, a candle, or whatever you wish for having helped you with that situation.

I want this work to give you a lot of tranquility and peace in your life, that everything flows in your favor and that it turns out as you wish, always for your good, blessings for you.

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