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3 Works with the Orisha Eleguá to open the paths

Works with Eleguá to open the roads

Eleggua It is represented through a playful child who likes to play tricks on other Orishas and humans. It is syncretized in the Catholic Religion with the Santo Niño de Atocha.

He is a major Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon for which he is crowned in the Osha. He is the owner of the 21 roads which he opens and closes at will.

It is represented by the colors red and black, its number par excellence is 3, among its attributes are a yarey hat, a jolongo made with goatskin and a scribble, an instrument used to make its way through the bush. 

Works with Elegguá:

1. The Orisha Elegguá is offered bread and sugar water

The religious must be very careful when it comes to attending to this deity because Elegguá is very jealous, that is why it is customary in religious houses that the first sweet or piece of cake is always for him.

When the santero needs to invoke the help of this saint, he makes an offering with a bread and a gourd of water with sugar, adimú that this Orisha likes a lot.

Through this tribute, the believer talks with the owner of the roads so that they are kept open so that the iré reaches their hands.

2. Piñata for Eleguá to open the roads

There is no tribute that satisfies Eshú more than a piñata. To prepare this treat for the Orisha, a piñata is made or bought.

This is filled with candies, confetti, toys, smoked fish, corn, ground jutia, balloons, whistles, a few cents are added, you can añadir chocolates and other jams.

Once ready, it is placed on top of the representation of Elegguá and the piñata is broken on top of the Orisha so that all its content falls on it, then it is asked to open the roads in search of development and to sweeten the life of the santero with surprises and Blessings.

3. Güiro with honey to sweeten Elegguá

The Güira is a fruit that is used in the Yoruba religion in order to create jícaras and also güiros, for this an opening is made in the upper end and all the dough is removed, then it is put to dry in the sun until the fruit becomes hard and resistant.

To the Orisha Elegguá an offering is made with a very effective güiro to attract the go home.

Take a small güiro and fill it halfway with honey, then the empty portion that remains is filled with sweet grajea.

Three threads are tied to this container and a small opening is opened underneath, placing it beforehand on the representation of the saint.

This deity is asked through this work for health and progress for the family and home.

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