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Trap at the foot of Eleguá to ward off Enemies and Bad People

Works with Eleguá for enemies

Do you sometimes feel that something is upsetting you, you are not moving along the path or it bothers you that someone is hanging on your life for no reason?

And it is that, although we are peaceful people and we do not get into anyone's life, even if we do not have much financially and the one who envies us has more, your brightness, your ashé and the gift you have, they also ambition and that is only yours .

There will always be those who will not let us advance and therefore all roads get tangled up, we must deal with this type of situation spiritually, so that everything bad on our side is cleaned up.

Bad eyes are powerful, bad energy is felt, because it obstructs, daña and sick. We must eliminate this dark and negative vibe when it surrounds us and interferes with our purpose and destiny.

This expired work is at the foot of choose, never asking evil because all evil returns to us sooner or later, let us leave justice in the hands of the Orishas.

Works with Eleguá for enemies, envies and evil eyes

Trap for Enemies at the foot of Eleguá
It can be this type of trap or others, such as mouse trap.

This ritual is very simple, but effective, over time you will see that these people will not have you in their minds and little by little they will disappear from your path. Be careful, it is not a work to hurt that person, but to push them away, so that everything flows.

You will need a trap made of metal, you may have one in your Eleguá and if so, you will use the same one.


  • Metal trap
  • Corojo butter 
  • Cartridge paper (brown or kraft paper)
  • Graphite pencil
  • 1 candle 
  • Schnapps 
  • Tobacco 

How do we do this work with Eleguá step by step to ward off those who want us badly?

  1. First you spread corojo butter on the trap.
  2. On the paper you put the name of your enemies in pencil and if you don't know them, but you know you have them, put "Against enemies" 3 times.
  3. You also spread corojo butter on that paper, fold it 3 times and put it in the trap.
  4. You light the candle and ask Eleggua for the blessing, you give him knowledge of what you are going to do and make your request, remember never to ask for the damage for others, you only say:

Eleggua here in this trap I leave you the name of my visible and invisible enemies, you take care of my problem and free me from them, put them out of my way and never harm me or my family. The Eleggua blessing.

You can also ask the little giant for protection and open roads with this prayer:

  1. Then you put that trap on top of Elegguá, you blow brandy and tobacco smoke on him.
  2. If you do not have Eleguá, I recommend that you do another work, I will leave you some below. But if you decide to do it, you can place it behind the front door of the house, always with a lot of faith and love.

As you attend Elegguá every Monday, that day you will also add brandy and tobacco smoke to the ritual. You must leave that trap next to the orisha until you resolve your situation and everything calms down.

May the blessing of Baba Eleggua always accompany you, may it give you health, well-being and much abundance. Blessings for you.

Do you want to perform other rituals and prayers to ward off enemies?

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