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3 Jobs at the foot of the Warriors to avoid Osogbos

Works with the warriors

The Warriors They are the first Orishas that the initiate in the Yoruba Religion receives, they are responsible for protecting the believer from hexes and sorceries that could harm him, they provide stability in his life at the same time that they provide him with health.

Rituals to avoid damaging the osogbos at the foot of Elegguá, Oggún and Oshosi:

There are numerous works that are carried out with the blessing of these saints to prevent the arrival of the osogbos, below, three very easy rituals to perform, these are ideal for devotees who have basic knowledge about the Yoruba religion.

1. Guavas for Eleguá

A red candle, three guavas and corojo butter to obtain the benefit of the Orisha Eleggúa:

When it comes to ridding the osogbos of the Orisha Eleggua He is an expert, because this deity is the owner of the 21 paths, which makes him in charge of opening the way for the religious through the less narrow path of destiny.

To avoid bad influences and misfortune, corojo butter is spread on the material representation of the Orisha. Once this cleaning ritual is performed, three green guavas are offered to the saint, which are placed inside his fryer.

Then two red candles are lit for Elegguá and when the religious is standing in front of the saint, he invokes him through the sound of his maraca while asking him to free him from all the osogbos that could hinder his destiny.

2. Offering to Oggún for the evil tongues

A cow's tongue smeared with corojo butter to stop gossip is placed inside Oggún's casserole.:

Oggun He is the owner of iron and of all work instruments, he is a very industrious saint, this deity keeps secrets related to the operating room and the protection of the home.

This Orisha is introduced into his iron cauldron with a cow's tongue previously smeared with corojo butter so that all the malicious gossip about the person is impregnated in this plant smeared with oily substance.

Thus the curse of the tongue does not reach the believer, which constitutes in the osha rule the scourge of the body.

Two white candles are lit to this saint, at which time one talks with him without the need to kneel on the ground.

3. Anise liqueur and corojo butter for Oshosi, the Hunter of the Yoruba Religion

oshosi the great hunter is an accurate saint, when launching his arrow he hunts the bears in unison and will go for the religious, for this reason anise is blown on him and butter is spread with corojo so that in this way the curse is found prisoner of the arrow and liquor set the go in the path of the devotee. 

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