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Works with Coco at the foot of the Orisha Obatalá ≫ for health and peace

Works with Obatalá

Coconut is a sacred fruit within the Santeria rule, this is a powerful oracle that the santero uses in order to converse with the Orishas and obtain their advice. 

It is used in numerous holy ceremonies as a fundamental element to carry them out, such as head prayers, a work used by santeros in order to refresh the lerí (head).

It is the fruit par excellence, the natural medium through which the deity who owns all human heads sends his blessing to the religious.

Works with Obatalá to reassure, for luck and open paths:

The two halves of a coconut and its pact with the Orisha Obatala.

In order to obtain peace and health the santero places him Orisha Obatala a white plate which contains inside two halves of a coconut which are filled with its water.

This offering is placed in front of the Orisha's tureen, to which two candles are lit and the deity's help is requested for eight consecutive days.

The prayer is performed on a ceremonial mat on the knees, carrying the agogo (bell) of Obatalá in the left hand.

The secret of the coconut and the cascarilla.

To overcome difficulties and refresh the house, the santero takes a coconut and peels it until it is as smooth as possible, once ready it is taken cascarilla and is painted completely white.

This coconut is taken in the left hand and the blessing of Obatalá is invoked, it is placed on the ground and it is rolled throughout the house from back to front.

Once you reach the door of the house, you take the coconut in your hands and throw yourself on the entrance of the house in order to break it, which symbolizes the breaking of the obstacles that were previously suffered spiritually.

The benefits of cooling off I will read it with coconut water.

Coconut water has many magical properties, the santero refreshes it by applying this liquid on it to obtain peace, intelligence and mental health.

This is kept on the head for a few minutes and once the ceremony has rested, the religious can wash his head with clear water if he wishes.

Ritual cleansing with coconut water to bring peace to the home.

Among the many uses that coconut water treasures in the Osha is its use for performing ritual cleanings in order to refresh the house.

For this, a coconut is taken and the water is extracted in a bucket, to which ordinary water is added and cascarilla and we proceed to clean the house.

This work can be carried out several times a month.

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