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5 jobs to refresh the Orisha Ogún ≫ Works at the foot of the Warrior

Works with Ogún

Ogun He is a major deity of the Yoruba Pantheon, which is why he is crowned directly in the Osha. This is a saint with a very strong temperament, he positions himself as a faithful protector of the home. This warrior is able to rid the sick of osogbos (negative energies) when going up to the operating room.

Works at the foot of Oggún:

He is an Orisha who must always be well cared for, he is a foundational power against the lurk of spells and the scourge of diseases.

1. Refreshing Oggún with Melon

Know the importance of making an opening on the melon so that its juice refreshes the Orisha Oggún:

One of the easiest ways to keep this Orisha pure is to place a small melon on top of its foundation, which must previously have a tiny opening with the help of a knife.

Through which it will pour its content on the Orisha irons, refreshing it, it is advisable to perform this ritual after winning a battle at the foot of this saint so the religious guarantees that the bad energies are purified on the foundation and that this saint is satisfied.

2. Corojo butter on the tools of the iron Orisha

There is no more effective ritual to obtain the gratitude of the iron Orisha than to place on the tools of this corojo butter, in this way the religious cleans them with the rubbing of his hands, to carry out this work the santero must be previously seated on a mat.

This action is considered an efficient way of attending to the deity that habita between the railway lines.

3. Coconut water to refresh Oggún

A green coconut is placed over Oggún's receptacle so that its water drips into the iron cauldron.

The dripping of coconut water on the Oggún cauldron is an ideal ceremony if the religious needs to refresh the saint.

This sacred fruit has the virtue of appeasing the Orisha and making him keep calm, the same virtue that it transmits to whoever was responsible for the performance of said ritual.

4. Tobacco smoke is blown on the warrior and smoked fish, corn and jutia are added.

One way to entertain the warrior is by blowing tobacco smoke between his tools and offering him smoked fish, corn and hutía inside his metal representation.

This work is well received by Oggún who rewards the santero with health and tranquility, two of the goods most longed for by humans, those that are received directly at the foot of the Osha.

5. The material Representation of the deity is blown with brandy

On the Oggún cauldron, rum or brandy is blown into an alcoholic drink that pleases the Orisha.

Through this the saint is venerated who receives it after a long work chore. By consuming this liquor the Orisha is refreshed while ridding her son of osogbos and hexes.

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