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5 Simple Works with the Orisha Oshún to attract True Love

Works with Oshún

The Venus of the Yoruba Pantheon Oshún, is in charge of turning two hearts into one. She is famous for being a great matchmaker, say the elders of the Yoruba religion that the couple that receives his blessing never separates.

Next, I show you five rituals that are performed at the foot of Oshun To attract true love, they are very simple, inexpensive and at the same time efficient.

1. Ochinchin for Oshún

The Ochinchin is an offering that is made only for the Orisha Oshún, protective deity of love and fertility.

This is originally prepared with egg and purslane, in case of not finding purslane this herb can be substituted for watercress, less on the way to oshun ololodias it represents a taboo for her.

A scrambled egg is made with these raw materials, which are añagive tomato puree and honey. Five cents are added once finished. This preparation is not seasoned with salt.

This delicacy is served in a coconut lid, it can be taken to the river or placed in front of its receptacle with two lit candles. Once deposited, two candles are lit to the saint and she is asked to the beat of her bell on her knees on the ground.

2. Yellow flowers and light

The saint of sweetness can be pleased by surprising her with a bouquet of sunflowers and two candles placed at the foot of her tureen, the greater the offering and the sacrifice with which it is achieved, the greater the rewards.

To invoke it, it is called with its bell, it can also be offered an aromatic incense which it welcomes. The religious must kneel before the saint before making the request.

3. Honey, perfume and cinnamon bath

One of the most famous rituals that revolve around the queen of the river is this famous bath, which is especially related to love or the search for it.

This rite is used either to find happiness in a new partner or to recover a union that by chance of fate is going through a crisis, this bath can be done by both men and women, this consists of preparing a rinse with cinnamon, honey and perfume.

This work is very effective, it is considered that it is capable of attracting love to those who do it.

4. Fruit basquet for Oshún

Like other deities, Oshún likes fresh fruits. It is valid to emphasize that these must be placed in groups of 5 because this is the number with which the saint is represented.

Among his favorites we have the canistel, this fruit is very valuable within the Osha because it is considered an indispensable element in the saint's room.

Oshún likes pineapple, it should be noted that this fruit can only be paid if it has a crown, if it does not possess it, the deity will not accept the offering. Plums are not far behind, their sweetness enchants the mistress of honey and is able to appease her anger.

With this offering, not only happiness is attracted, as it can be used to pray for the health and well-being of the family. It can be accompaniedañar of two preferably yellow candles.

5. Combination of sweet oranges and honey

The orange is a fruit that has many medicinal properties, in Santeria magical powers are attributed to it.

This offering is paid to Oshún in fine dishes, these are cut in the middle and bañan with honey from bees.

After five days they are squeezed into a container and with their juice sweetened with honey the person is baña, this ritual is a true magnet for hearts in love.

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