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3 Simple jobs with Shango to attract financial growth

Works with Shango

On the earth many irés reign among these are health, love, peace, the good of a trip and money to name a few, all yearned for by the human being, physical and mental health being paramount because without this blessing of nothing the rest are worth.

Offerings to Shango for money

Today we will talk about how to obtain monetary prosperity thanks to the help of the Orisha Shango, for this we will cite three effective jobs that you can do from home.

1. Magic ritual with the carapace of the ayapa (jicotea)

Financial development is an iré that reaches man through the Orisha Shango.

This regent deity of the candle provides her children with the gift of music, a profession for which they have a natural talent, a virtue that the saint plays through the maracas, the Batá drums and the carapace of the jicotea, which is his true guiro.

To seek financial development at the hands of a Babalawo or an Obá, a jicotea is sacrificed to Shango.

Once the ceremony is finished, the animal's carapace is taken, cleaned well and tanned in the sun, once ready it is smeared with corojo butter, smoked fish, corn and jutía are added and a bill is attached to it, the frame of the jicotea is placed on the Orisha's pan.

The religious kneeling on the mat lights two candles to the King of Thunder and with the help of the white and red maraca the saint is invoked asking him to provide development for the home.

2. Shango ritual with bananas, for money

A hand of bananas on the Kawó Silé receptacle so that the money reaches the ilé (house):

In order to get money to the house, the religious takes a hand of bananas and smears them with corojo butter, then sprinkles smoked fish, corn and jutía on these, taking care that this ashé powder is well impregnated on the substance oily.

To finish the work it is necessary to get a red ribbon, it must be of this color because this is the representative tone of the Orisha.

The piece of cloth is tied between the bananas making six knots, the hand of bananas is placed on the Orisha and the deity is requested by means of two candles to bless the home so that the money arrives in this way.

3. Sunflowers for him Kawo Sile

When there are difficulties with income, the devotee pays a floral offering made with sunflowers to Shango to reach the iré.

Sunflowers are powerful plants, it is one of the only flowers that grows from the ground on its own stem.

This beauty of the flora receives the direct rays of the King Star and therefore its energy and heat, the same power that is used by the Orishas in the ceremonies in which they use the plant as a tool.

A secret that few religious know is that the sunflower is a flower used in the Yoruba religion by the Orisha Oshun but it is also used by Shango, who relies on her to resolve matters related to love and money.

In order for the work to take effect, as many sunflowers as possible must be obtained, these are placed in a vase to which añaput some coins inside.

Once this task has been carried out, the offering is placed at the foot of Shango's pan and it is requested in order to obtain economic development.

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