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Otrupon Meyi: an Ifá of betrayal Adultery is a poison that corrupts!

Otrupon Meyi Betrayal

Otrupon Meyi lived in the forest, this was sustained by hunting animals and selling their skins.

Despite being a lucky man, he felt that something was missing, what he longed for was nothing more than love.

On one occasion he ran into a woman in the forest, this despite being very pretty looked sad, it was the wife of Oggun who for years had wanted to conceive a child without success to achieve it.  

Pataki where Oggún curses his wife

From the first glance, she was attracted to Otrupon Meyi and seeing that the interest was mutual, she proposed to start a courtship, in which she asked for only one condition:

That they live together in the mountains, in order to flee from their failed marriage and look to her new lover for the conception of the son she had wanted so much.

Without knowing it, the reason why she could not conceive went back to the diet that her previous husband gave her, which was based on the blood of animals, which from her new position was modified.

When Oggún noticed his wife's absence, he began to look for her everywhere, until he discovered her betrayal.

The anger that he had felt was so great that he cursed her, his words reaching the bed where she fell, lying sick.

Orula discovers the betrayal and advises to appease Oggún's fury

Otrupon Meyi upon seeing the state of his beloved went out in search of orunmila so that he would tell him what to do in the situation that was presented to him.

Upon registering her, the soothsayer discovered the adultery committed by the woman and advised her lover to offer a dowry for her to Oggún, to appease the Orisha's fury.

In addition to the dowry, Oggún demanded that a four-legged animal be sacrificed to him because only in this way would he remove the curse cast.

Otrupon Meyi kept his word and Oggún withdrew the punishment on the woman, leaving without looking back.

As the months passed, Otrupon Meyi forgave her lover and as a result of that union her first child was born, thus fulfilling the woman's desire to be a mother.

Ifá Advice on Otrupon Meyi

Otrupon Meyi is a sign where betrayal prevails, for this reason all doubts must be clarified and the trust must not be handed over to the first bidder for free.

Ifá advises through this Pataki avoid adultery as this dishonest action will bring significant harm to those involved.

This letter warns of the need to promote trust and communication in the couple so that in the future the relationship is not broken due to the lies of the past.

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