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How did you see Aggayú Solá? He wears a dark suit and his powerful ax

Aggayú costume

A Aggayu Solá, Orisha of nature, syncretized with the protector San Cristóbal de la Habana, is shown gratitude for his blessings on September 26.

The giant Orisha, who covers the desert with his voice, represents the impressive natural forces. The volcano, the magma and the interior of the earth are ruled by Aggayú Solá, who lives in the current of the river and is the bastion of Osha.

But Aggayú Solá is also a holy benefactor and protector of his devotees. It helps to cross the flow of the enraged rivers, since the earthly forces belong to him, which are symbols of great energies, such as the power of the rivers that divide the territories, that of lava in the earth's crust and earthquakes.

His refuge is the palm, especially when he is in a difficult situation, he also likes to carry small children and carry them on his shoulders.

Aggayu Solá and his warrior costume

Aggayú Solá always wears a suit with dark garments, which symbolize her union with the earth and with the forces that move it. He dresses like a worker, dark red pants and jackets.

Handkerchiefs or strips of various colors hang from his waist that symbolize certain aspects of the forces of nature.

This is how Aggayú Solá comes down and takes long steps and raises his feet a lot, due to his enormous size. Advance fast for his stature to overcome obstacles that nature puts in his way.

The giant carries the children around him and puts them in the back of his dark jacket as he paces the room.

Attributes that accompanyañaNa Aggayu

Aggayú carries attributes as powerful as the natural energies that symbolize it.

They are tools of a strong warrior, always related to Chango the king of thunder, through various patakíes. And that is why it is very important to also include the attributes or tools of the god of thunder in its receptacle.

Among its attributes are:

  • Oché (red and white bipene ax, adorned with yellow, red and blue beads)
  • Oggué (two calf horns)
  • sixteen mates (rounded seeds found on the seashore).
  • the six tools of Chango are added to it.

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