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Inle, the most beautiful of the Orishas, ​​dresses in sun and sea

Inle Suit

Inle It is the most beautiful Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon and is androgynous, it can have feminine and masculine characteristics. He is a deity of magnanimous strength, he is the great doctor who protects Osha.

It symbolizes fishing and gathering and is therefore known as the Orisha of the extractive economy. He protects fishermen and helps them get food and prosperity, he is the patron of doctors, fish and owner of the river.

He is an older Orisha due to his immense powers as a doctor of the Ocha, he is also a hunter and fisherman. It is able to save, heal and protect from the worst diseases, it protects the earth and also the seas, between two worlds it provides abundance and fertility to men.

His name is Inle Ayayá and he lives on land and in water. He is a companion of the Goddess of Love, Ochún.

Inle syncretizes with the archangel Raphael in the Catholic religion, whose name means The Remedy of God. He is the head of the guardian angels and the guardian angel of all mankind.

How did you see Inle?

Because of its proximity to the goddesses of the sea and rivers, Yemaya y OshunInle wears the representative colors of the waters and the sun. His costume resembles that of a worker, who can be a doctor or a peasant.

He dresses in blue, yellow and white and is adorned with snails representing his divinity. He can also wear a navy green robe and sometimes disguises himself as the color of certain stagnant waters.

So Inle lowers and moves slightly crouched, passing his right hand from one side to the other as if spreading his legs.

The rhythmic steps go like a zigzag, with their undulating arms they imitate the movements of fishermen rowing in a canoe, or other mimics of the work activity that they represent.

Inle tools and attributes

Inle's tools affirm his position as Osha's physician and tireless worker, who is prayed for health and prosperity.

These are Inle's tools:

  • Pedestal in the form of a cross, from which hang, on both sides, majás and little fish
  • Sea Conches
  • Sea Shell
  • A wire in the shape of a twenty-one

Inle's tools are also linked to its representation in nature and that is why we look for it both on land and in water, in the company of doctors and fishermen.

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