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How did you see Naná Buruku? Orisha grandmother with m skin suitajá

Nana burukú costume

Nana Buruku She is a major Orisha of the Yoruba religion. Naná, as she is also known, is the wise grandmother, the strength and the ancestral knowledge. 

This Orisha is attributed immense spirituality and power, since it governs in nature the energies of the springs of water, the mouths of rivers, swamps and lagoons and intervenes with its ancestral powers between life and death.

Naná is a powerful ancient force that goes mainly in the head of the believer. She is prior to the arrival of the king Oduduwá to Ilé Ifé and according to Yoruba legend their food is the spirit of beings.

The cult of Arará origin considers her as the Mother of Babalú Ayé or San Lázaro, the holy orisha of illness, or even one of his paths. She is mysterious and terrible deity and habita m-shapedajá, in rivers, springs and cañabe brave

It is invoked in springs, lagoons, wells and the mouths of rivers, although the babalawos say that on Holy Saturdays it can be called even in wells.

The cult of Yoruba origin considers her Mother of God and Grandmother of all Obatalas and it can be a woman or a man, of immense powers.

Naná Burukú costume, the Orisha wears colors

Nana likes to dress the skin of the majá to stroll through lagoons and springs and scare the unsuspecting who approach.

But she also loves colors and when she walks in human form she likes to wear a skirted dress of all shades, because she is also happy and powerful. accompaniedaña dress her with a yarey hat to avoid the sunlight.

So she goes down and like an old woman, she dances, trembles and drools, although she doesn't lose her dignity. She also creeps like the majá to remember his power over natural forces.

Attributes of Naná Burukú

Naná Burukú carries attributes that highlight her antiquity, as one of the oldest and most powerful Orishas. This is why it is extremely important to respect her tools and never make her angry.

Some of Naná's attributes are:

  • Metal stomach
  • c knifeaña good
  • iroko (the ceiba)
  • the caña brava (your house)
  • majá in a circle

His attributes also represent his life in the swamps in the form of majá and uses them to live in the bush.

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