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How did the wise Orisha Obatalá dress? Always in a white suit

Obatala costume

Obatala It is always governed by white, by purity and patience. He is the father of all children on earth, he is the creator of human beings and all that he hasabita in the planet.

He is the Orisha who owns whiteness. It wears the color white as a symbol of peace and purity and white metals, especially silver. And it is that this powerful deity likes everything clean, white and pure.

He is the eternal benefactor of orishas and men, who brings intelligence, peace and calm to the world, but who does not tolerate disrespect and does not admit that they undress in his presence. He is the sculptor and creator of the human being, from the creation of his hands the world was born.

Baba, as his devotees affectionately call him, must be properly cared for bañado and clean. In addition, his secret cannot receive the sun, the serene, not even the air.

¿What suit is Obatalá wearing?

Obatala He comes down usually dressed all in white, a color that must always be respected because it is the symbol of the purity and essence of the Orisha.

However, when depicted in his warrior ways, he wears a suit with a red band across the chest to represent strength and passion for fighting.

On his way as Oba Moró, he sometimes wears purple, as is done with Jesus Nazareno, since this way is syncretized to the Catholic cult associated with Jesus and for this he is owed immense devotion.

obbatala Sometimes it has embroidered monstrances of the Blessed Sacrament and ribbons in number of eight, all attributed to the powerful syncretism that has governed the presence of the Yoruba religion in Cuba since colonial times.

Attributes of Father Obatalá

Due to his exceptional purity and lively intelligence, Obatalá is associated with pure attributes, which show royalty, respect and nobility. Among them:

  • Crown with sixteen parrot feathers
  • Sun and moon
  • six handles
  • majá
  • Two ivory eggs
  • Eight or sixteen okotós
  • Cocoa butter, cascarilla and cotton
  • Tambourine
  • White flag
  • silver agogo
  • Opayé or Scepter

These attributes are samples of his characteristics and his different paths, in which he can embody both male and female characters. It can be a warrior and strong fighter, a wise old man, an old healer or a beautiful and brave maiden.

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