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How does Oshún dress? Glowing goddess dressed in yellow and sunflowers

Oshún costume

Oshun, the most beautiful of the Yoruba pantheon, the Goddess of Love and Rivers, is in the group of the head Oshas.

She represents:

  • The intensity of the feelings
  • the joy and sweetness of life,
  • Spirituality,
  • human sensuality,
  • femininity and
  • everything associated with love: delicacy, tenderness, sweetness.

En nature is symbolized by rivers and their clear water flows.

Who is the Orisha Oshún in the Yoruba Pantheon?

She is the eternal protector of pregnant women and women in labor; It is represented as a beautiful, happy and smiling woman but who can become severe, as it also symbolizes religious rigor and implacable punishment in the face of insults and crimes.

The pataki say that Oshún is the only one who can reach the God Olofin to implore for the beings of the earth and that she is also the apetebí (wife) of orunmila.

Oshún is closely related to jewelry, money and body adornments, because according to legend once he lost his entire kingdom and his sister Yemaya, the owner of the salty waters, gave him the wealth of the seas.

Its name comes from the Yorùbá Osún and despite looking delicate, there are many stories that represent her audacity, justice and bravery.

It was she who requested the intervention of women in the council of the Orishas.

How is the Costume of the Goddess Oshún?

Due to its indomitable character and its extreme beauty, Oshún uses the color yellow, which symbolizes sunlight, good luck, beauty and happiness.

Thus, Oshún wears a yellow dress, girded by a girdle with a rhomboid on the stomach.

The dress has bells at some points and is accompanied byaña of infinity of shiny body adornments, fundamentally some made of copper coins in allusion to one of its legends.

This is how the saint comes down and dances, spinning around and admiring her beautiful golden dress before those around her.

Sunflowers are protagonists in his dance

many times accompaniedaña her wardrobe with her favorite flower, the sunflower, the flower that symbolizes faith, love and union and is also a representation of fortune and wealth.

The flower that is placed on the dress or carried in the hand or even in the hair, evokes fertility, passion and prosperity.

And it is very important for the Orisha of Love and Rivers to always be well dressed and with the color that represents her, because she pays great importance to her physical appearance, she is vain.

Items worn by the Owner of fresh waters

Due to her characteristics as a female deity of beauty and love, many of her attributes refer to Oshún in the image of a queen.

And they also represent her as the sister of the Orisha Yemayá, both, Queens of the Two Waters.

Some of the attributes that Oshún carries are:

  • SOL
  • a hand of snails,
  • mirrors and combs
  • 5 adams (handcuffs)
  • Fans and crowns
  • sandalwood fans of Ibú Kolé feathers, peacock feathers
  • hearts
  • Fish, small boats, corals, two oars
  • Light colored horsetail irukes
  • Handkerchiefs, as it is known, as the 5-handkerchief ballerina
  • crescent and star, among others.

Other Power Attributes of the Golden Orisha

We highlight among its attributes, Oshun Power Items which he uses to enchant, bless and to impart justice:

  • The yellow sandalwood or peacock feather fan and
  • her five gold bracelets that she always wears when she dances.
  • A crescent, two oars, a star, the sun and five little bells adorn Oshún's yellow dress or suit, making it shine.

Let us bear in mind that these objects can change according to their path, but they are always beautiful, bright, because that is how the goddess of love Oshún likes them.

Meet some of the beautiful offerings to Oshún:

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