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how did you see Oyá? The Goddess of the Centella and her costume in 9 colors

Costume Oyá

Oyá She is the Lady of the spark, of the whirlpool, of the rainbow and of the dead. It is warrior and powerful and its winds help to sustain life after the waters of Oshun y Yemaya they have given life and purpose to the universe and to men.

It is in itself, the air we breathe, it gives the correct amount of oxygen to keep us alive and healthy. She favors storms and calm after storms, strong or hurricane winds and lightning.

She is a death, a warrior and lives at the door of the cemeteries symbolizing the intensity of gloomy feelings, and spiritual communication, from the darkness protects and protects men.

The God Olofi entrusted her with the mission of coming to earth to search for the souls of the dead.

It is said that Oyá accompanied Monkey, the king of thunder, to all battles, fighting alongside him with 2 swords and annihilating enemies with his spark. She is a very powerful and strong Orisha, with her iruke as a weapon of power, she sweeps and cleans the paths of curses.  

But it is Oyá also loving, creative, tender and gentle, and does not repair sacrifices to defend her own, she loves and provides protection intensely, she is jealous of what belongs to her.

how is the suit Oyá?

Oyárainbow lady, He wears all the colors of the same in his clothing. She wears a skirt made with dried palm leaves whose fringes are adorned with mariwó.

In a more cheerful version, her suit has another skirt that is made with nine-colored scarves, which is mobile and uses it to dance with joy and ferocity, beating the colors as if the same rainbow had descended to dress her.

She also wears a flowered chintz robe and a multi-colored headband around her head. And so he comes down waving in his hands a cleaning instrument, the black or polychrome iruke with which he controls the Eggunes, spirits and dead.  

Their colorful skirts move to the sound of a hectic, frenetic, and vertiginous dance. A delirium that the goddess accompaniedaña with a purifying flame, which flames in his right hand and forms eddies always turning to the left.

Attributes of the Flash Goddess, Oyá yansa

The owner and lady of Centella, Oyá, carries attributes that represent her as queen of the dead and powerful warrior who always battles for those she loves. Also, she cleanses the negative energies of the world and washes away the bad with the whirlpools of her.

Some of the attributes, elements and energies of nature that define it are:

  • The iruke (horsetail)
  • The spark
  • The cemetery and burials
  • The Rainbow
  • Ocher colored fruits, specifically the eggplant
  • The airs, winds and storms
  • The reincarnation of the ancestors
  • Crown of nine points from which nine pieces fall: guataca, pico, Ochosi, lightning, guadaña, stick, hoe, rake, axe.
  • Nine copper handles

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