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How did you see San Lázaro? His suit is the devotion of thousands

Saint Lazarus costume

Saint Lazarus, syncretized with Babalu Aye In the Yoruba religion, he is one of the most revered deities in Cuba for his immense powers to alleviate ailments.

A figure of myths and legends, of miraculous cures and incredible stories, the devotees offer the saint great offerings and sacrifices, every December 17, a day in which many fulfill promises and wear sackcloth in his honor.

Each year the pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of San Lazaro to pay homage to the saint and the orisha, exceeds 15 believers who go there to thank, pray, meditate and implore their miracles.

Babalú Aye identifies with Old Saint Lazarus because he is the healing orisha of leprosy, smallpox, venereal diseases, of the skin and in general of plagues and misery.

Saint Lazarus and his miraculous costume

Saint Lazarus he dresses like a sick old man who wanders through the mountains covered only with what is necessary to avoid dying of cold. 

His costume is covered with sackcloth or variegated squares, almost always purple, and is adorned with many cowries, symbolizing his powers as a holy healer.

As we explained previously, its devotees have the habit of wearing sack garments to entertain this Saint Orisha in his day and they travel many kilometers dressed in that way in sacred promise.

Attributes of Babalú Ayé

So dressed, Babalu Aye down, and walks like a sick man taking short steps and bent over. Direct your ajá (his sacred broom) to those present, taking away negative energy and ailments.

The attributes are part of its journey through the mountains and emphasize its healing energy, so it is very important that Babalú Ayé has everything necessary to alleviate ailments.

Its attributes include:

  • Ajá, that is to say, a bunch of corojo or coconut palm braces that are tied at the lower end with a sackcloth. you will añagive cowries and beads to adorn them.
  • sack cloths
  • Two iron dogs
  • Two crutches
  • A rattle

With these tools, the healing Orisha will attend our prayers and guide us on the path of health and well-being.

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