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How did you see Shango? The King of Thunder wears a red suit

Shango costume

Shango, is the leader of the Yoruba religion and a god highly revered by men, as king and warrior. It is an Osha associated with dance, virility, thunder, lightning and fire.

He is the Orisha of Thunder, of justice and is characterized as historical and divine. He is described as an explosive deity and in history he was one of the kings of the Yoruba religion.

A virile God who fights between drums and music, symbolizes the joy of life, masculine beauty, passion, intelligence and wealth.

He has control over the religious system known as Osha-Ifá and was the first interpreter of the oracle. He is the priest of the oracle of Diloggún and that of Biange and Aditoto.

Shango is associated with reason, knowledge and intellect, as well as the values ​​of justice and law, although legends also relate his love for beautiful women, for dancing and partying.

Shango and your twarrior slit

Shango He wears a warrior's costume, always prepared for the fight with a loose shirt and vermilion red pants, although sometimes he wears short trousers finished in a point that gives him more ease of movement to fight and dance as the Orisha does well.

His chest is uncovered with a crossed red band, and sometimes he wears a red jacket with white stripes, colors that represent him.

On his head he has a crown that symbolizes his ways as king on earth, which can be in the shape of a castle.

In this way, Shango comes down and moves to the rhythm of the drums, he opens his eyes wide and sticks out his tongue, which means that it is made of fire, a natural element that defines him.

He shakes his sacred ax (oché) high, fighting and removing obstacles from his path, he jumps and contorts violently, making increasingly strange figures.añas.

Attributes of Shango

The symbolism of Shango as warrior and king is extremely important and the devotees always seek to highlight it. Therefore, among its attributes it carries:

  • Petaloid ax
  • Cup
  • Sword
  • Acheré by jicotea
  • Moorish horse
  • Tambourine
  • Double-edged or bipene ax
  • Bright red banner
  • Six otanes (stones)
  • Oché or a scepter of palm wood and cedar that ends in sharp points or in the shape of a double ax
  • Three axes
  • A mace
  • A cutlass (curved sword)

Shango's costume and attributes They are weapons of war and defense, because he is a powerful Orisha who is represented by his bravery, daring and strength. With these elements he also protects men on earth.

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