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Do you know how the Male deities of the Yoruba Pantheon dress?

Yoruba saints costumes

The Yoruba deities They dress according to their representative colors and the natural elements with which they identify.

Their costumes undergo certain modifications according to the avatar they represent, with some of them having certain peculiarities.

The adornments of his wardrobe are generally oriented to the number with which the Orisha is represented or its multiples.

It should be mentioned as an important feature that some saints such as warriors wear a kind of overskirt called mariwo tied around their waists.

Oduduá the foreman of the dead.

Orisha Oduduwa costume

Many literatures describe him wearing white attire, for Odua has a close relationship with Obatalá.

The image of the Orisha foreman of the dead is sometimes imprecise as it is a deity that repels sunlight and does not usually appear frequently before human eyes. 

Obatala the white Orisha.

Orisha Obatala Costume

Obatala He always wears white, except in the avatar in which he is called Ayagguna, where he wears a red band diagonally across his chest.

This deity is very neat, his suit has silver decorations and sometimes he usually añatell him silk and lace.

This deity has an exuberant crown on which eight parrot feathers protrude.

Aggayú Solá the Volcano.

Aggayú Solá costume

Aggayu Solá He represents the volcano, he is a very large and powerful saint, his attire is brown, which is divided between a jacket and shorts with cuffs at the knee.

On the distal piece, he wears a band tied to his waist from which colored handkerchiefs hang.

Shango the man in the guayabera.

Costume of the great Shango

Shango He wears a red and white long-sleeved shirt and shorts with cuffs on the knees of the same color.

When he leaves for the battlefield, he carries a mariwo with him.

On his head rests a red and white crown that resembles the tower of a castle, whose ornaments are defense tools and rays.

She is often presented wearing a guayabera, a traditional Cuban garment.

Babalú Ayé the miraculous Orisha.

Babalú costume

The old man San Lázaro or Asojano as it is also called, he wears a jacket and sack shorts.

These garments are adorned with purple ribbons and snails, their ankles are fastened with two snail bracelets just like their wrists.

It has a purple crown adorned with snails, although it is mostly presented wearing a sack cap lined with snails and pieces of jute sack.

In some of his avatars he carries a small sack bag, he manifests himself accompaniedañaby two dogs holding on to crutches.

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