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How do the female deities of the Yoruba Pantheon dress?

Yoruba costumes

The Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon They are the female representation within our religion, therefore, their costumes are more refined than that of male deities, these are the only ones that carry fans and wear fine fabrics.

Yemayá the queen of the oceans.

Prayers to the Virgin of Regla Yemayá

Yemayá wears a light blue dress surrounded by white trims, a mixture of colors that symbolizes the foam of the sea, which is produced when the waves break on the reefs.

The skirt of his attire can be adorned with marine elements, the deity wears a band worked with fine fabrics tied at the waist.

The sleeves of her dress are puffed, she always wears a very bright blue seven-pointed crown.

Oshún the owner of the honey of bees.

Oshún recipes for love

Oshún's clothing is always yellow as this is its representative color.

She wears a dress with a wide skirt which is adorned with golden ribbons, a thick belt surrounds her waist, it is striking that it appears inlaid with precious stones.

The most beautiful deity of the Yoruba pantheon wears a crown made of gold which honors his greatness.

Sometimes he carries a fan made of peacock feathers.

Oya Yansa the Orisha of the winds.

Costume Oyá yansa

The Orisha, owner of the wind eddies, wears a red wine-colored dress, on its skirt hangs a belt made of nine-colored scarves.

When the deity goes to war he carries a mariwo, in one hand he carries an Iruke and in the other the framb sheath.oyán.

On his head rests a crown that shows his defense weapons and a small representation of his sparkles.

Obba the Yoruba representation of marriage.

Obba costume

She is dressed in pink, showing a long dress and a matching crown, both pieces are adorned with snails and satin ribbons.

She often uses a fan and her hair down.

Nana Burukú the saint of spirituality.

Orishas costumes

Nana Burukú usually manifests herself wearing a yarey hat.

The deity that represents spirituality usually wears a white dress or in the absence of this one made with fabrics of all colors.

Olokun the deity that reigns in the depths of the ocean.

Olokun mistress of the ocean

Olokun the queen of the depths is characterized by wearing dark blue.

She wears a long dress with a wide skirt, which is adorned by chains, anchors and boats.

He wears a reef crown, pirate treasures, and pearls.

Oshanlá the weaver Orisha.

Oshanla Suit

Oshanlá is the female deity who always wears a white dress, she is the only saint who manifests herself wearing a blanket, as this embodies an old woman who weaves sitting in her chair.

This deity is considered as a female avatar of Obatala while for others it is a totally independent Orisha.

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