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Odun Meji: The Shishirikú and the trap of Eshú DO NOT mistrust Ifá!

Eshú Trap

This odun narrates the life of an individual who was lucky for money, he had managed to accumulate a small fortune, which he squandered on gambling and women.

Pataki where Orula marks ebbó and his word is ignored

Due to this life of excesses, the man was threatened with extreme poverty, so he ran impetuously to the house of orunmila with the desire that the fortune teller intervene in his destiny, giving him the intelligence and stability that he so badly needed.

Orunmila consulted him, leaving him the odun Odi Meji through which Ifá warned him of the dangers that were around him.

This marked the realization of an ebbó in order for the religious to manage to remove the osogbos from his life.

The man, after having heard the words of the Ifá oracle, left for his home, during the journey he remained thoughtful, focused on the idea that he would spend the little money he had left on the ebbó.

Elegguá who saw the arrival of man from afar, took three dolls and gave them the possibility of possessing life by introducing three spirits inside, with this action allowed them the privilege of moving and speaking voluntarily.

For mistrusting the word of Ifá, he suffered the traps of Eleguá

When the individual came across Elegguá and his dolls, he was amazed, he asked the warrior the name of the little men.

  • Eshú replied that they were called Shishirikú and that he would sell them to him only if he bought all three of them together.

Then the religious believed that buying the dolls would be a better investment than doing the ebbó, because through them he could earn a lot of money.

In this way the man left for his house and when night came and he got ready to sleep, the three spirits freed themselves and ran throughout the house screaming and revolutionizing the whole environment.

The very frightened man began to turn on all the lights and the more he became excited the spirits attacked with greater fury.

So he was forced to take the three dolls and run to Orunmila's house, apologize for his fault and beg her for her help.

The religious was forced to perform various ceremonies in order to get rid of the Shishirikú and the disturbances they had caused in him.

Eshú had cheated the individual with the sale of the dolls as punishment for the attitude of the man, who had shown distrust of the power and the word of Ifá.

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