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The 3 Wise Monkeys and their relationship with Orunmila the Oracle of Ifá

Three wise monkeys

orula It is the Orisha who treasures the gift of divination in the Yoruba Religion, this deity predicts the future of man through his board, ékuele and other tools.

He was the only saint who was granted the possibility of participating in the creation of the universe and its mysteries, which he treasures with great discretion and respect.

Orula colors

Their representative colors are:

  • green is the one that symbolizes nature and hope, a virtue that should never be lost despite difficult times and
  • yellow, a tone that represents the sun astro king that provides light and heat only with its presence in the celestial sky.

Orula in the Yoruba religion

Orunmila forms an impressively inseparable duo with Oshun, the owner of the honey of bees.

This represents wisdom in decision-making while the beautiful saint embodies intelligence, hence the popular phrase that wisdom and intelligence come hand in hand and one without the other cannot exist harmoniously.

The great fortune teller of Ifá is related to the sixteen ancestral spirits that govern this rule who yesterday took possession as the first oracles of this religion, being through these that the Orisha can observe the past, present and future of each religious who treads the mat in search of his advice.

Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru the three wise monkeys and their relationship with Orula the great fortune teller.

The three brother apes called zaru, the term that monkeys are used to represent the verbs of not seeing, not listening and not speaking.

There are many patakis that reflect the existence of these famous characters which are venerated in other cultures around the world.

In the Yoruba Pantheon one of the avatars places them as spies who were sent directly by Olodumare to the Earth in order to observe the behavior of men and later transmit to Orula his appreciations regarding the evidence.

Meaning of the three wise monkeys:

Their strength lies in unity, because one without the other would be unable to develop their function due to their disabilities, they are the propitious incarnation of the Ifá saying that he quotes:

The strength is in the joining.

These are placed to fulfill their duty forming a hand chain headed by the deaf monkey who provides the blind with the information that he will later send to the mute.

The representation of these brothers lives next to the receptacle of Orula, who thanks to the help of these envoys can take behaviors regarding the human attitude and its worthiness.

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