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How to make the Holy Throne of Obatalá? A simple and beautiful altar

Throne of Obatala

Obatala is the saint who rules over the color white, this is represented in nature by cotton, snowy peaks, mountainsañas, the great limestone rocks and the white animals.

It is important when it comes to worshiping him to bear in mind that this is a delighted deity of simple but beautiful things.

When an offering is going to be placed, it must be represented in number by eight or sixteen, as these are the digits by which the saint is represented.

An altar dedicated to Obatala, the White Orisha:

Offering of flowers and soursop for Obatalá
Offering of flowers and soursop for Obatalá

Building an altar for Obatalá is a task that requires refinement and good taste, as the color white prevails in it, extreme care must be taken in handling the fabrics since any of these should be discarded.

It is important to keep in mind that neatness is the watchword.

Silver handkerchiefs are other elements that are required to decorate terminal spaces with details.

Through this tone the stars are symbolically represented, celestial bodies over which the Orisha, owner of all heads, rules.

It is common to observe the presence of the albino peacock and parrot feathers on their altars, as these two animals are sacred to Obatala.

Throne for Obatala Ayaguna:

If the throne is specifically dedicated to Obatala Ayagguna You can use some red handkerchiefs in its preparation, as the combination of white and red colors is a distinctive rule in this avatar of the Orisha owner of intelligence and thoughts.

The throne of Obatala requires the presence of multiple fresh elements such as lilies, butterflies, white gladioli, bread and milk.

Among the fruits that are chosen to pay tribute we mention:

  • the soursop,
  • custard apple,
  • the coconut,
  • the anon and
  • breadfruit.

The same that must be deposited inside a basket that has been previously lined with a white cloth.

Offerings for the Orisha father:

The white saint is offered sixteen balls of cascarilla and sixteen bars of cocoa butter, among his favorite addimús (offerings), we can mention:

  • the milk custard,
  • rice pudding,
  • the coconut candy,
  • the meringues and
  • the yam tower.

If the santero wishes to give some other sweet to the Orisha, he must take into account that these must not have colorants, white must always prevail and the use of salt in their elaborations is taboo.

On the altar to Obatalá, white candles cannot be absent, which must remain lit permanently, it is frequent that this saint is given liquors such as coconut elixir or brandy.

Offerings and rituals on behalf of the Orisha Blanco Obatalá:

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