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The Throne of the Orisha Elegguá How to make and decorate it?

Elegguá Throne

El Orisha ELEGUÁ. He is one of the holy warriors of the Yoruba Pantheon, for this reason his throne is made of sacred herbs in order to simulate the mountain, the place where he reigns and to which he belongs.

It should be noted that this peculiar design allows the throne of these Orishas to become a true work of art.

What are the sacred herbs of Elegguá?

Among its sacred ewes (herbs) we find the garlic, the bitter broom, the Atiponlá, the trailblazer, the prodigious, the fine grass, the siguaraya, the powerful hand, the I can more than you, the coral and the guava to name. some of them.

How to make a throne for the Orisha who owns the roads?

The throne of Elegguá is made from herbs, but not any of these but their sacred ewes.

They are grouped evenly until they are able to cover two fragments of walls and the ceiling, since the santero always tries to select a corner of the house for this purpose.

Among branches and green leaves you can see a chicken and a roasted jutía hanging from a string or rope, sacred addimús of the African deity.

Decoration and attributes of the throne:

The foliage is decorated with many toys, being able añaSay a piñata, which must be filled with candy, whistles, confetti, candies and colored balloons.

The red and black güiritos are key elements in the making of this throne, it is considered that, within each of these, there dwells a different iré that the religious will receive as Elegguá decides.

The guava scribbles are the object that the Orisha uses to catch good fortune and make his way through the jungle, for this reason they are placed on his altar with the symbolic purpose that the santero uses them to overcome difficulties.

Offerings to Elegguá on the throne:

A basket lined with red and black cloth is placed in which fruits such as guava, mamey, mango, coconut and melon are offered to the deity, to name a few examples.

The Orisha's own sweets must be present on the throne, these are those made from guava, the coconut sweet, the majarete and the custard are equally taxed.

Honey, sugar water and brandy are offered to him. On the throne the consecration stone of the santero must be placed, on which the representation of the Orisha can be arranged.

In some religious houses, a bundle of tobacco and candies is deposited on the altar of the Orisha who owns the roads in order to be distributed to the visitors who come to the dwelling to pay homage to the deity.

It is possible to add a red and black ribbon to the tone as a decoration, this being optional.

Some devotees place their ceremonial costume on the altar of the saint, although this action is not well regarded by many of the Osha elders.

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