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Are you aware that your worst enemy can be yourself?

your worst enemy is yourself

Fear and insecurities they are formulations of our mind. Many times what we believe shapes us and we are afraid of things that are only in our imagination, which takes us away from our goals. That is why it is necessary to understand our fears and overcome them and not transform them into obstacles.

The human mind has many abilities and through thought, we are capable of destroying any dream. Our virtues linked to the use of the word and our ability to analyze and understand, can become a terrible enemy.

And it is that sometimes we reject ourselves, we fill ourselves with negativity, prejudice, sadness and we think that we are not capable of achieving anything that we propose.

Therefore, we need to reconcile with our inner self and know ourselves. Only then can we be our best friends and advisers.

5 Tips that will help you see it more clearly "your worst enemy is yourself"

If you trust the Orishas, ​​have faith, remember that there is no one with greater power to harm you than yourself, not even your worst enemy.

We now offer you some tips to free your mind and get to know yourself:

1. Do not compare yourself with others or envy their achievements

Comparison and envy is harmful to us. We will only make our self-esteem go down and we will always value ourselves with respect to others, which will keep us in constant competitive tension.

Comparing ourselves will only increase our list of deficiencies and vulnerabilities. For this reason we need to disconnect and be our own example, and accept, above all, that there will always be someone better than us.

2. Be positive

We cannot go through life with a poor and harmful self-concept. We must always recognize the positive in our qualities, abilities, actions or attitudes. The better we value ourselves, the better we treat those around us.

3. Stop looking for perfection

We all have flaws and we should not be unhappy for that. Dissatisfaction in the absence of the perfect should not remain the pattern of our existence as it will only embitter frustrations and obstacles.

Let us become aware that we are people with sufficient capacities, and that errors and imperfections are natural and do not detract from value, but rather provide lessons to move forward.

4. Don't sink into failure, try again and have faith

The fear of failure is always fatal. We all deal with feelings of fear, uncertainty and vulnerability, but we cannot let them blind us and stay in the same place.

After a fall, we should get up and laugh looking ahead at new opportunities. If we trust ourselves and move forward in faith, we can accomplish many things.

5. Lean on your loved ones and in your faith

Talking about our insecurities with those we trust can be extremely healthy.

 There will always be someone who listens to us and supports us to value us more and better. We almost always tell our friend, family member, what worries and scares us and thanks to this we get support to overcome multiple situations and to realize that we have unique qualities and are appreciated.

If you trust the Orishas have faith that they will help you remove obstacles from the path, but remember that there is no one with greater power to harm you than yourself.

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