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Ogbe Okana: Where the Prickly Pear gets its spines with the help of Orula

Tuna in Ogbe Okana

At the beginning of time the prickly pear did not have thorns and was small.

No matter how much time passed, she did not grow, because the local animals passed her by and beat her, knocking down her suckers. Fact that prevented it from developing leafy. 

Pataki where the Tuna changes its luck thanks to the word of Ifá

La Tuna, regretting what was happening to her, went to visit orunmila for the great fortune teller to help him change his luck.

He consulted her and marked the completion of an ebbó so that she could progress in life.

The ceremony consisted of making small incisions to the prickly pear where Orula later placed the thorns, as an instrument so that it could defend itself from enemies.

Over time the shoots were born equipped with thorns, so the animals that in the past dañaBan never approached him again.

In this way, her family prospered and grew lush, due to the fear that others felt for it, she was left alone, later becoming her home in a desert.

You should never be ungrateful with the hand that once helped us

Over the years, Orunmila was involved in a war, in which he was surpassed by his adversaries in resources and numbers.

He undertook a long journey to the desert where he ran into the prickly pear, which he asked for help to defeat his enemies, it refused to help the fortune-teller.

Then Orula reminded him how badly he was paying her, because previously, thanks to him, she had gotten rid of her adversaries.

When La Tuna heard Orula's words, she had no alternative but to recognize the truth that was reflected in her vocabulary and decided to collaborate with her cause so that the oracle could defeat its enemies.

Advice from the odun Ogbe Okana.

This pataki warns the religious about the importance of not being ungrateful to those who have extended a hand, since ingratitude is a bad counselor.

Ifá alerts the individual that due to his way of being he can be left alone and even suffer from the abandonment of his closest relatives.

A bad memory is born in Ogbe Okana, as the person tends to forget the favors that have been done and the commitments that should not be left aside.

It is vital that the religious modify his temperament, because on certain occasions he tends to hurt the people around him with his words.

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