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To Yemayá and the virgin a Tribute and Powerful Prayer

A Tribute to Yemaya

On this special day, I raise my voice full of gratitude to the saint, my virgin of Regla and my Orisha Yemaya, whose goodness and love guide me in every step of my life.

With my hand on my heart and this candle that I light for you, I dedicate a prayer to ask for your blessing and to thank you for everything you give me. Thank you.

Dear Virgin of Regla and Yemaya,

Today I approach you with a heart full of gratitude and love, feeling the breeze caress my soul. In this sacred moment, I want to ask you to extend your mantles of water and loving protection over each person who hasabita in my heart.

To my family, I pray that you grant them health and happiness, watch over them every step of the way, and give them the strength to overcome any challenge.

For my friends, I ask that you guide them with the light of your wisdom and love. May they find peace in their hearts and joy in their days.

For myself, I implore you to shower me with your love and compassion. Help me navigate the waters of life with grace and courage, and always keep the flame of hope alive in my heart.

Thank you, Virgen de Regla y Yemayá, for listening to my words and for always being present in our lives. I trust in your goodness and protection, and I know that under your care, we find the peace and joy we long for. Amen.

Image gallery: Representation of Yemaya

📷 Thanks to the Photos Courtesy of Lázaro Martínez, Dancer of the company Raíces Profundas @lachyowen

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