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Ifá says: The hand has five fingers and none are the same ►A Pataki

A pataki from Obatalá

At the beginning of time Obatala the white Orisha He had lost one of his sons, the owner of all the heads had been looking for him for more than sixteen years.

One day in his eagerness to find it he went down to earth and undertook a long journey carrying out an exhaustive search in every corner habitado.

Pataki from Ogbe Wale where Father Obatala finds his lost son

Upon reaching a town, he observed a woman in the distance with a baby in her arms, she was crying out in despair because a scorpion had bitten her son, making him seriously ill.

Obatalá felt sorry for the mother and the son, healing the little one, when he did this he realized that the baby had a mole on his ear that only belonged to his descendants.

  • Then he asked the woman who was the father of the child.
  • She replied that her husband was away working on religion, that if she wanted to see him she should go deeper into the town and there she would find him.

Obatalá set out to meet the man certain that he had found his son.

Upon reaching the heart of the town the Orisha asked where he could find Ogbe Wale, the people of the town indicated the exact place where he was.

Children like the fingers of the hands are different, but they are united by a bond of blood

Obatalá saw that there was a long line waiting for the Oluo to consult them and once it was his turn, he told the priest before starting the consultation that:

He was Obatala and he was there in front of him for the same reason, although it seemed strange.

He commented that they were both concerned about their children, to which the Babalawo replied with an affirmation.

He said:

Ogbe Wale, I know you have several children including one newborn and they all worry you because they are different and you fear for them.

But the fingers of the hands are different, although they all serve practically the same function.

This is how children are, they are all different, but they are linked by blood and that you can never change, just like the fact that I am your father and you are my lost son.

Ogbe Wale was surprised by this fact, Obatalá told him:

As proof of the veracity of my approach, touch your right ear and tell me if you and your children do not have a mole on it, that is why I recognized you, because that is one of the marks that I place on my descendants.

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