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The religious who abandons or blames his saints is not a true believer

a true believer

Faith is that force that leads us to achieve what we never imagined we would be capable of achieving.

It is that engine that even in difficult times allows us to realize that not everything is lost and that no matter how bad the streak we go through may seem, nothing in life is eternal, especially the bad times.

Faith is the only thing that the human being cannot abandon

Because when you stop believing:

  • the doors close,
  • opportunities are lost
  • the path in which the objectives were pursued dissipates,
  • you lose your way,
  • patience is gone and
  • thought is clouded.

In moments of difficulty is when faith cannot be abandoned, in those moments faith is the only one capable of saving the person, clinging to it is the path to salvation.

The good religious must understand that:

  • In life there are good and bad moments, situations in which you cannot always win, but in the bad our orishas They watch so that the worst does not happen to us.

Never deny the Saints who protect you

Never deny your saints despite the difficulties you go through, because by having faith they will see the value of your love and the sincerity of your words and will be able to understand that you will be satisfied with what they have been able to do for you. you.

And there he will begin to receive the real help, the one that is obtained after overcoming the tests that destiny puts us to know what we are made of, whether excuses or the desire to get ahead.

The religious who abandons, blames or throws away his saints is not a true believer and he never had faith, he remained within the religion for the benefits that it could give him and he was not able to understand when the saints could not give him what he wanted, because we have to be clear that not everything we want to have or achieve it is what we deserve or what we really need in our lives.

to receive blessings:

  • You have to be able to make sacrifices, you have to prove that you really have faith and you have to make it clear that the most important thing is not money but health, tranquility and love, goods that are priceless and that the truly lucky They are the ones who own them. 

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