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How to make a Lamp to Eleguá to unlock paths and goals?

A lamp to Eleguá

Perhaps your paths are blocked and you feel your energies very low.

In this case I recommend the best ally that is the Orisha Elegguá, since he is the owner of destiny and opens the doors to achieve the goals we want.

You will ask with love and placing a lot of faith so that your request is heard and comes true.

The lamps are very effective offerings and this will be if you put all your will.

  • Even if you have not received Elegguá, you can make this lamp, because we are all his children and he will listen.

Ingredients for the lamp:

  • 1 coco
  • Corojo butter
  • 3 pieces of brown paper (cartridge paper)
  • Smoked hutia
  • Smoked fish
  • Toasted corn
  • Small can
  • 3 types of oil and you can not miss among them the butter of corojo
  • Cotton
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco
  • 3 cents

How do we make this powerful lamp for Eleguá?

The ingredients to be used should always be washed first because they collect negative energies, in this case the coconut is washed.

  1. You cut it in half and you cut 21 pieces of the size you want and you deposit it on a white plate, to each piece you spread corojo butter.
  2. You take the 3 pieces of paper and in each paper you place 7 pieces of coconut, you add smoked jutía, smoked fish and toasted corn.
  3. Inside the small can you pour the three types of oils, in equal quantity all three.
  4. You introduce the cotton and you give it an elongated shape like a wick.


Before inserting the cotton, you should rub it with both hands so that it looks like an elongated wick.

At the top you squeeze the cotton so that it does not get too much oil, otherwise it will not burn properly.

  1. Once the cotton wick is inserted, you light the lamp, you blow brandy and tobacco smoke to Elegguá and to each packet with coconut.

So you close the packages and say:

Elegguá owner and lord of the roads, mountains and savannas
Here is your child (say your name)
Paying my respects and asking for your blessing
I ask you to help me open my truncated paths
Here I offer you this lamp of three oils and three packages with coconut, corojo butter, smoked jutía, smoked fish and roasted corn to place in every corner of the house and in front of it.
I trust you to open one of your 21 ways for me
I will always be grateful to you
Thank you Elegguá

Where do we place the offering packages for Elegguá?

You take the packages and put one in each corner of your house and the third you leave it in front of the main door of your house so that the paths of the orisha open before us.

In one of the corners of your house you deposit the 3 cents of the right to Elegguá.

The lamp can be left on until you want, and you can use it as a candle to give light and assistance to the owner of the roads.

I sincerely hope that a lamp to Eleguá as powerful as this one, helps you on the path of life, gives you health, love and many open roads, that you never lose faith and everything comes to you in abundance.

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