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Do you know a Work to Yemayá to find new paths and luck?

A Work for Yemayá

This work is very beautiful and effective in the name of our Universal Mother Yemayá, the goddess of water in the Yoruba pantheon that with his love and understanding gives us many blessings.

Sometimes the roads are closed and problems, adversities, illnesses and all kinds of situations come that give us anguish and obstacles, so today we entrust ourselves to the power of the orisha to help us.

melon or watermelon, as it is also known in some places, is one of the Orisha's favorite fruits and she likes to be offered to her, and with this fruit we will do a very powerful Work for Yemayá, have faith in her.

First of all, I ask that each work or offering that you are going to make be from the heart and with faith very high, regardless of whether or not you belong to the Yoruba religion.


Melon for Yemayá
In Cuba we know it as Melon, but it is also known as watermelon in other countries
  • 1 Melon
  • 7 small blue flags (make them out of fabric and with wooden sticks)
  • 7 white roses
  • molasses of caña
  • 2 candles
  • 7 cents (7 pennies each)

How to do this ritual for prosperity and development?

You can do the ritual in two ways, directly in the sea or you can also offer it at home and then take it to the sea.

Make the offering directly in the sea:

If you go to the sea shore you can take the whole melon with 7 little flags stuck in the fruit to overcome obstacles.

  1. Facing the sea, you first light the 2 candles, ask for her blessing and talk with Yemayá.
  2. While you do it, you pour over the honeyed melon of caña and to the waters of the sea you will also throw a little.
  3. Let the ocean current carry the fruit away.
  4. Then you offer the 7 roses while you share your feelings with the Orisha, and before leaving them in the water you will pour a little molasses on each flower.
  5. You can also go cleaning with each white rose (starting at the head and ending at the feet) and then throw them in their waters.
  6. Remember to clean yourself with the 7 cents before throwing them into the sea.

If you do the ritual at home:

  • At the foot of the Orisha or in the name of Yemayá you first light the 2 candles, and ask for your blessing with faith and love.
  • You place the previously washed melon on a plate, you nail the 7 blue flags to overcome difficulties and you gradually pour melon from caña above.
  • You will put the white roses in a container as an offering.
  • Every day you must light the candles for a while for 7 days and at the end of this period you must take the offering to the sea.
  • Remember to clean yourself with the 7 cents or cross yourself with them, and then throw them in their waters.

Tips and recommendations for the offering:

  • Every time you place an offering you must show respect, be clean and neat.
  • Choose a place that is only you and that you feel is a quiet environment.
  • Try to wear white or the color of your Orisha, in this case it would be blue and go with your head covered to put the offering.

May the blessing of mother Orisha Yemayá cover you and protect you with health, love and peace.

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