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La Cascarilla It is the Ashé of Oloddumare ≫ Uses and rituals in Santeria

Uses of cascarilla

Thanks to the union of pulverized eggshell, holy water and prayers arose la cascarilla, one of the most used elements in rituals concerning the Yoruba Pantheon.

La cascarilla within the Osha it takes on great importance as it is an element directly linked to Obatala, the owner of all heads and Olodumare the supreme, through this magical product the Orishas endow their children and other devotees with iré.

Utilities of the cascarilla within the Rule of Osha

Sixteen cascarillas are one of the attributes that dwell inside the Obatala tureen, this Orisha uses them in order to bring peace to his children and free them through his touch from the osogbos that are hovering in the plane of the earth.

Unable to perform a head prayer Without this element, since it constitutes one of the material representations of Oloddumare, thanks to this the person receives settlement and spiritual tranquility at the same time that he patiently forges virtue that he will need to face the hazards of destiny.

La cascarilla It is the vehicle used by Ifá priests to trace the oddunes in religious ceremonies, they consider that this element is blessed as it is pure in its natural state.

This pulverized material is used to complete the works that are agreed with eggun, is the delimiter par excellence of the offerings that are placed for the spirits and the element required to reassure them once they come down to earth through the medium.

Rituals for cleaning with the dust of the cascarilla

The hands are one of the parts of the body that are most vulnerable to curses, as these are the ones in charge of performing all the rituals that cause their cancellation.

Powder your hands:

There is no more powerful job than powdering your hands with this sacred element, through this not only curses are freed, but Olodumare's blessing is also received.

Blow cascarilla:

A very popular ritual among the religious is blowing powder from cascarilla In every corner of the house with this exercise the evil spirits are frightened and quickly leave the ilé. 

Cleanings and bathrooms:

La cascarilla It is also used in purification baths, spiritual spoils and in cleaning inside the house combined with water and cologne, this mixture can be añasay white flowers. 

Purifying and protecting spaces:

With a cascarilla crosses are made on the doors and windows so that witchcraft cannot penetrate inside the home, this ritual in the habitations promotes sleep and rest at night.

It is frequent that a cross of cascarilla Under the carpet that is located at the entrance of the house in this way it is guaranteed that visitors who are under the influence of negative energies do not access next to them when entering the house.

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