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The Ceremonial Sheath Oyá Yansá ≫ Invoking the owner of the spark

Sheath Oyá

The Framboyán is the plant in charge of giving life to the ceremonial sheath for the Orisha Oyá, venerated saint in the Yoruba Pantheon.

Yansá is another of the names under which this African deity is identified, it is syncretized in the Catholic Religion with Santa Teresita del Niño de Jesús.

the sheath of Oyá and its religious significance

Framb's sheathoyán It is the element of power with which the owner of the spark is invoked, and this is also the utensil that the deity uses to seal its pacts with other Orishas.

The religious assume that the framb podoyán is one of the instruments that Yansá uses when he goes to war.

It is believed that the saint invokes the spirits of her court through the sound of her seeds and their bells, thus exhorting them to win the battle.

This utensil is sacred within the Osha, the religious owes him respect and veneration, so he must know that said instrument can only be used to invoke OyáCalling another Orisha with the sound of this object is considered serious discourtesy.

The Sheath It is considered as an essential tool to receive the material representation of the Orisha, in the same way its presence in the saints room is essential if the religious is going to crown Yansá in the Osha.

How is a Pod for Yansá made?

Make a pod for Oyá It is very easy, very few elements are needed for its creation.

Among these we find:

  • a framb podoyán,
  • Color paints,
  • ribbons of various shades and
  • nine bells.

The pod of framb is takenoyán which must be dry, a fact that is verified when observing it because it turns brown, it is essential that it has seeds inside, care must be taken that it is not dañaYes.

With the paintings, stripes of colors are sketched except for black, a tone that should not be used in their manufacture.

These colored bands can be replaced by ribbons of nine different shades.

To the pod of framboyáI don't know añagive nine bells, honoring in this way the numerical mark of the saint, it can be decorated in the same way with colored beads.

Where does this tool live? Oyá?

the sheath of Oyá It lives at the foot of its receptacle, it is deposited there with the aim of radiating the energy of Yansá, this site is chosen to place it because it is accessible to the santero and because it is the closest place to the deity.

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