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What should the religious focus on? Values ​​that cannot be lost

Religious values

We all come into this world with a mission to accomplish., a gift, a virtue with which Olodumare rewarded us, a talent that must be used in the realization of good, thus attesting to our commitment to our roots, to our religion, to the values ​​that are instilled in us at home since we were little, since the house is the first school of man.

There are things that are priceless... they have value

There are things in life that can be bought, it is said of these that they have a price, however, there are others that are not paid with anything, then those things have value, within these is faith.

Respect, above all, respect

There are no perfect people, since perfection is a virtue that only the gods possess, but religious people who transmit values ​​and good advice from their point of view must be treated with respect.

Only through respect for elders, discipline, perseverance and faith are the purposes achieved.

Only faith will save us

In this world of ups and downs, of hard tests, more religious are needed who are moved when they make consecrations, who feel faith as an irreplaceable good such as drinking water to live, because without faith the world is doomed to failure.

We must learn to be satisfied and patient, because many times what we want to obtain is not what we really need, let us learn to see life with gratitude and with less ambition, because destiny will be bad if we only focus on setbacks and it will turn benevolent if we learn to respect the advice of the spirits and the warnings of Itá. 

If you want to change the world, start with yourself

Let's stop looking for the defects of those around us and focus on correcting our own, criticism on social networks will not make us better people, that will speak more about the interpreter than about the victim.

I can't understand how only material things are appreciated, where is then health, love and peace?

Grow each day on the spiritual path

Let's focus on evolving spiritually and as people so that good luck smiles at us and the heart stops suffering from superficial things.

Recognizing the virtues of others is a blessing, the religious community must focus on learning from the person who knows and is willing to teach, must direct their attention, rescue the legacy of the ancestors, do good without expecting much in return and in being worthy of the help and love that the Orishas and the Eggunes offer us daily.

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