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«Lavender scented candle» for a warm and calm atmosphere

Lavender scented candle

Lavender It is one of the most fragrant plants, whose aroma also contains important spiritual and healing properties.

It gives rise to essential oils widely used for the production of aromatic products that have been used since ancient times to perfume fields and homes.

Lavender for calm and a clear mind:

Lavender flowers
Lavender flowers

The scent of lavender It has sedative and relaxing properties, which help to calm the environment and to fall asleep.

Lavender is also the ideal scent if we want to have a home with a fresh and clean environment and also provides tranquility, harmony and serenity.

Therefore, this is one of the perfumes that is most used in aromatherapy.

This therapeutic discipline takes advantage of the properties of essential oils extracted from aromatic plants to restore balance and harmony to the body and mind, obtaining great benefits for health and beauty.

How do the properties of lavender candles help us?

Benefits of lavender scented candle

Spiritual cleansings at home or business

Lavender scented candles They are extremely liked when it comes to spiritually cleaning the home and displaying calm and serenity in all hours.abitation

The lavender scented candle purifies with its powerful aroma and eliminates any type of bad vibes present in the environment.

Strengthen love and family ties

Also through calm and tranquility, it helps to strengthen the ties between the people who habitan at home.

Eliminate stress and anxiety

The aroma of this candle also helps to eliminate anxiety and stress and to feel more comfortable with our personal space, achieving spiritual balance and body relaxation.

Helps concentration and study

It is said that there is nothing better than the scent of lavender to help clear tired minds.

And that is why many students place scented candles of this type when preparing for exams.

How to make a homemade lavender scented candle?

Lavender plant

It is not difficult to make a homemade lavender scented candle, and although there are many ways to do them, we show you a method in which we only need a few elements that we list below:

  • Glass jar or where we want to keep the candle
  • Beeswax block
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Lavender flowers to decorate
  • String or waxed wick
  • Container for melting wax, can be a can

Let's make the candle step by step ...

  1. First we cut the wax into several pieces, and put it in the container to melt it.
  2. Then we put water in a container, like a frying pan and let it heat up a little, putting the can on top so that the wax melts (as in a water bath).
  3. When it has finished melting, carefully add the lavender oil and stir.
  4. Then we turn off the heat and place the lavender flower petals in the jar. If you want to decorate it, you can stick some flowers around the jar inside.
  5. Then we place the waxed string holding it and at the same time fill the jar with the melted wax. We must cover all the flowers so that when the candle dries it is a beautiful decoration.

Finally, we let the mixture dry, cut the thread and light the candle.

You can use it in many ways, while you take a bath, take a nap, clean your home or business, or simply so that our house and habitations are impregnated with its aroma and cleanse the environment of bad energies.   

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