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«An aromatic Vanilla Candle» to enhance sensuality and love

Vanilla scented candle

Today we know many aromas to refresh and sweeten the home, creating a pleasant environment that helps us relax.

And one of the best smells is that of vanilla, well known for its contribution also in popular gastronomy, as this element is used mainly in the preparation of dissimilar desserts.

Vanilla acts as a relaxant and antidepressant, in addition to being considered a very sensual fragrance to create an intimate and personal atmosphere.

Y scented vanilla candles They are extremely popular when it comes to scenting the house beautifully, although they are very commonly used to improve health and mood.

Most of the benefits of this scent are taken into account in aromatherapy and thus we improve our physical and mental well-being by inhaling this spectacular fragrance.

What benefits and properties does a vanilla scented candle offer us?

Vanilla scented candles

The scent of vanilla it is essential to create a calm and peaceful environment.

It is a delicate and sweet fragrance that relaxes and eliminates negative thoughts, leaving our mind open to new ideas and personal growth projects.

The Vanilla Scented Candle is:

  • Flavoring
  • Sweetener
  • Antidepressant
  • Soothing

Its fragrance is said to be good for creating a loving and sensual environment, attracting men as well as women.

Therefore, if we want to prepare a special surprise for our partner, we can place scented vanilla candles so that the aroma creates the best environment to enhance love and passion.

The fragrance is attractive and warms the environment in any physical space.

How to make a homemade vanilla scented candle?

How to make a vanilla scented candle

To make a homemade vanilla scented candle, we just need some easy-to-find elements that we propose below:

  • Beeswax or other base to create candles such as paraffin
  • Glass container or another where we want to place the candle
  • Vanilla essential oil
  • Coloring (if you want to add it)
  • Waxed string or wick

Step by step let's make the candle with the scent of delicious vanilla:

  1. First we cut the beeswax into pieces and let it melt over a low heat, doing it in a water bath can be even better.
  2. Once we have the liquid wax añaWe gave a few drops of white food coloring and the aromatic essence of vanilla.
  3. We wait for the temperature of the wax to drop to be able to fill the glass container and when it is around 60 or 70 degrees, we proceed to fill it.

Over time the wax will be hot but solid. Thus, we make a hole in the center of the candle and we can pass the wick through it.

Then we let the candle finish cooling completely and we will have it ready to use it whenever we want.

How can we use this type of candle?

You can place it in the habitations so that its aroma helps to flow the environment and takes away the negative charge that sometimes causes feelings of heaviness.

It is also very powerful when we clean at home and in bathrooms or showers so that its fragrance allows greater relaxation or simply when we want to activate good energies at home or business.

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