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With what candle do I pray to the Orisha Obba Nani? Love and light to the Yoruba queen

Obba Nani candle

Obba is the Orisha closely related to love and all the suffering that, on certain occasions, is associated with it through Yoruba stories and legends.

She in the Yoruba Pantheon It represents that sacrifice that many times we must make for our loved ones, that immense feeling that makes us give up everything without asking for anything in return.

Some of Obba's qualities in Yoruba religiosity:

  • Obba represents fidelity in marriage and is a deity linked to lakes and ponds in nature.
  • It owes its name to the Obba River, located in the states of Oyo and Osun in Nigeria, which means in the Yoruba language: “king's soup".
  • It is said that she is an orisha of extraordinary strength, powerful and impulsive, but also tender and sentimental with her proteges on earth.
  • Obba symbolizes faithful and unrestricted love and those people who give and sacrifice everything for the other.
  • She haunts the cemeteries, along with two other deities: Oya and Yewá, the three death goddesses being related to clairvoyance and spiritual communication.
  • In this trilogy Obba's mission is to guard the tombs.

Prayers, candles and offerings for fidelity and love

Obba, in addition to habitar the cemeteries and take care of the tombs of the deceased, he also protects the houses of those people who follow and venerate him.

Her strength and her powers make many come to her not only to ask her for the solution of love affairs or to overcome a breakup, but also to implore her protection.

To pray to Obba Nani, we must bear in mind that she does not usually appear or "come down" as other deities of Yoruba mythology do.

However, among the offerings that are made to are:

  • Raw yam and
  • the sacrifice of some specific animals is offered, such as the goat, the dove and the hen.

Offerings can be left in ponds or lakes, but they are also placed on an altar dedicated to the deity located in a quiet place in the house and adorned in shades of pink and lilac, his favorites.

Pink candles and divine light for the goddess Obba

To pray to Obba we must remember to stand next to her altar, or in a place close to nature such as its lagoons, and offer her flowers and pink and white candles, the color she prefers.

Lighting the candles will help us to better communicate with Obba and share our wishes and dissatisfaction with him, without forgetting to thank him for his blessings.

However, if you do not have this candle color, put a homemade wick or white candle, the important thing is to give it light, with love and humility, but above all a lot of respect.

Very beautiful prayer to Obba Nani to pray for happiness, union and love as a couple

Due to his conception as a deity related to love and conjugal fidelity, normally people go to Obba Nani when they are in a marital and relationship crisis, and ask him for help to overcome various love problems.

You are also asked to indicate with your immense wisdom, the best way to achieve happiness in your life as a couple.

Thus we pray to the Goddess of conjugal fidelity:

Obba, queen of lakes and ponds, goddess of deep feelings

You who sacrificed yourself for the loved one, and who understand the immensity of love and sadness

Obba, as a warrior as a tender wife, you learned the true sacrifice that is made to be happy

I ask you Nani, that you allow happiness to take over my life and my home, so that marital happiness lasts

May no one ever separate my loved one from me and no danger can make my family cry

Protect me and Bless me, Great Obba and remove difficulties and misunderstandings from my marriage

Obba, take care of my family and guide me on the path of happiness

Do not abandon me, My mother, enlighten your daughter / or with your powerful confidence

Thank you, Obba, for always being by my side, giving me strength and courage to face life

So be it

Meet other prayers and attentions to the goddess Obba Nani:

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