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What is the Candle Color to worship? Oyá? A beautiful prayer to Yanza

candle for Oyá

Oyá is an extremely powerful Orisha within the Yoruba Pantheon, ruler of thunders and storms and mother of Egguns (spirits), feared and respected by her children and devotees.

She is the African warrior of the Yoruba who guards the cemeteries and is closely related to Ikú, who represents death in the Yoruba religion.

Due to this gloomy character that usually characterizes death, Oyá She is represented as a dead goddess, with a strong temperament.

But it is also said that she is an impetuous and powerful warrior, capable of unleashing lightning and flashes and of commanding the 4 winds with Elegguá the owner of the road and Obatalá, the father of all.

To the mother Oyá Yansa, as it is also known mainly in the Cuban cult or SanteriaWe call on her to give us her strength and protect us from dangers, natural catastrophes and enemies, because this warrior is extremely protective of her children.

Candles and prayers to Mother Yansa, the queen of Centella

The eggplant is one of the favorite and fundamental offerings for Oyá, which is usually placed on a tray, accompaniedañada of rice, sweet potato and banana.

These offerings are spread with corojo butter, as it is a preference of the Orisha.

We must take these tastes into account when praying to the Queen of Centella, and together with flowers, fruits, candles and prayers, venerate the orisha with respect and love.

In addition, we can take these offerings to the door of the cemetery and there attend to Mother Yansa, or we can place them on an altar dedicated to the deity that we make in a quiet and secluded place in our own home.

the altar of Oyá It is usually adorned with ocher tones, representative of the goddess.

  • If you want to know some of the offerings that we can make to the orisha, at the end we leave you some.

With what candle do we pray to Oyá?

Let us remember that within the offerings and attributes to Oyá, including candles, black should not be used, but other colors should.

A Oyá It is good to pray to her by lighting purple or brown candles, shades that she prefers, although we can also use the light of white candles to establish spiritual communication with the Orisha.

We can also invoke it with a wick or homemade lamp, the important thing is to give light to the deity.

By candlelight, we ask Oyá that he help us and guide us along the best path, and that he lend us his strength to move forward and overcome difficulties.

Prayer for Yansa to protect us of all bad

A Oyá we must pray to her with the utmost respect and we must never go to her with dishonest intentions, because we run the risk of angering her.

We pray to the deity out of faith and love, telling her about our problems and looking to her for help and comfort.

  • So we pray to Oyá to ask for your protection

OyáMy mother, be the one to take away from me all negativity, all evil and witchcraft.

Do not let my enemies harm me of any kind, let the light of this candle be the shield that protects me from all evil on this earth.

Oyá, you are the one who wins my wars, the wars with living enemies and the wars that come from the other world.

My mother give me through this candle all the favors that I ask of her.

Oyá, mother, wings of fire and lightning, never abandon me in my goals.

Watch over my days and nights, watch me through the South, North, East and West, be forever vigilant guiding everything I do.

Thank you my mother. Jekúa Jey Yanza

We shared some very beautiful offerings to Oyá:

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