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What is the candle color for Miraculous Saint Lazarus? A request of faith

Candle for Saint Lazarus

For many centuries, Saint Lazarus has been one of the most revered saints within Catholicism and other beliefs that syncretize him with other deities.

He is the miraculous protector of the devotees, the one who grants health and prosperity.

Many miracles are attributed to Lazarus, God's friend and beggar. He is believed to be one of the divine physicians, assisting believers in times of illness and convalescence.

To San Lazaro, the believers ask him to heal diseases, especially from:

  • The legs,
  • the skin,
  • debilitating diseases,
  • prolonged illnesses,
  • flu, tumors, wounds, dementia and
  • also to heal Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

In the Yoruba religion, Saint Lazarus syncretizes with the Orisha of the Pests, Babalú Ayé, a highly respected and recognized deity.

In Cuba, in Santeria or Regla de Osha, both cults come together in an immense show of faith that reaches the town of El Rincón every year.

Thousands of people come to the sanctuary located in El Rincón to bring offerings and entertain San Lázaro and Babalú Ayé.

  • Fundamentally every December 17, the day when the deities are celebrated, the devotees come to pray and ask for the cure of diseases, as well as economic abundance and prosperity.

A purple candle, prayers and offerings to the Saint and the Orisha

We pray to San Lázaro and Babalú Ayé from the heart and with great faith in their miracles, we ask them for health, love, and help to get out of the bad economic times.

Candles are placed on both mainly purple, but they can also be white and yellow.

With its light we will illuminate our requests so that they reach the deities directly and thus communicate with them.

To venerate San Lázaro and Babalú Ayé we make offerings

What can you put on Saint Lazarus?

  • Food offerings such as roasted corn, roasted cobs,
  • drinks like dry wine, coconut water,
  • other items such as smoked fish, toast,
  • flowers are placed, mainly lilac gladioli, daisies and roses
  • purple and white candles.

These treats are not only taken to the sanctuary, but are placed in the house, on an altar destined for the deities and adorned in shades of purple and white, with flowers, candles and representations of the saint.

A prayer of petition to the Miraculous Saint Lazarus to intercede

This is a beautiful and special prayer for Saint Lazarus to grant us health, protection and faith.

Before invoking the old Lazarus with this prayer, light a candle or candle to Saint Lazarus, or a homemade wick, the important thing is to light the saint with love.

  • Pray as follows to ask for the help of Saint Lazarus:

Patron Saint of the humble and the convalescent, I call on your spirit to ask a favor from you.

I keep your memory alive and I keep the flow of all your miracles present in my mind.

I invoke you holy saint to ask for your protection, your holy intercession at all times and to ask you to do justice to those who show hostility to me.

I call out your blessed name so that this humble request may be granted to me.

Confident in your blessed goodness, through the power and glory of God Our Lord.


We share some offerings that the old man San Lázaro adores:

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