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A Red Candle and a Prayer for Eleguá, let's light the way and the destination

Red candle for Eleguá

The Prince Messenger who opens paths, that is Eleguá, the first divinity that must be consecrated in Òrìṣà-Ifá religion (Santeria) and represents the first protection.

Eleguá is an extremely important Orisha within the Yoruba pantheon, he is known as the owner of all roads and destiny and is one of the warriors, along with Ochosi, Oggún and Osun.

The Yoruba warriors are the ones who protect those who start the spiritual path.

Eleguá is the deity of the forest and the savannah, but it is said that he lives anywhere as a lookout, for example, at crossroads, on street corners, in thick bushes, and behind doors, looking after houses.

He is the first Orisha invoked in a Yoruba ritual or religious celebration and the last to leave, he is considered the beginning and the end, good and evil, the messenger of the Orishas.

Pray to Eleguá the Lord of Destiny to open the way for us

  • We turn to him to open the doors of happiness, love, health and prosperity, since he is the Orisha who plays with luck and who governs the destiny of men.

It is recommended that in requesting a favor from the orisha he be treated with the utmost respect, after proper care.

We must go to him with sincere intentions, otherwise Eleguá may leave us victims of misfortune and misfortune.

We pray to him with respect and affection, showing him the greatest devotion.

Tips for invoking and venerating little Eleguá

  • When making a prayer to Eleguá, it is necessary to find the right place, with an appropriate calm and quiet environment.
  • It should be prepared, clean, orderly and if possible, especially dedicated to him.
  • We can make an altar in his honor adorned in red and black colors, representative of the deity.
  • It includes elements that Eleguá prefers, such as children's toys, fruits, sweets, his doodle or stick to make his way through the undergrowth, among other attributes and symbols of his liking.
  • Before praying, we always offer coins, male toys, maracas, necklaces made of red and black beads, and foods such as guavas, pumpkin and all kinds of sweets.

What color of candle does Elegua use?

Before the prayer to Eleguá, we must light red or white candles, or a homemade wick, along with some of his tools and other offerings, symbols that he is a deity and a warrior.

However, if you have nothing to offer, do not worry, the orisha knows your situation, and will know if your request is made from the heart, have faith.

We pray to him with this prayer to intercede at our request

Let us remember that faith and trust in the saint is paramount, so we must have the confidence to invoke him with respect and to call him with great faith.

Elegguá, owner of the roads, of destiny, of good fortune and luck, I hope to be worthy of your favor, so that your power opens my paths and luck comes to me

Oh mighty Eleguá intercede in my life with your power and glory.

First of all, I thank you for all the important things you do for me in this life, for your care and protection.

Powerful Eleguá, I beg you to grant me (Specific request), because I know that your power is infinite and nothing is impossible for you.

I ask you to grant me the grace and blessing that you have for this humble son, who is faithful and devoted to you, because he has always received protection from you.


We share some very powerful offerings on behalf of Elegguá:

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