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7 Scented Candle Fragrances That Will "Bring Success" to Your Life

Aromatic candles meaning of aromas

The magical use of aromas it goes back to the beginning of our civilization.

The essential oils of powerful plants have been seen for centuries as important elements with healing, relaxing and spiritual properties.

For this reason, many fragrances are also used in rituals and spells aimed at protection and attracting good vibes.

The aromas intoxicate all the senses and achieve effects in the loving, material, mental and spiritual aspects.

Currently, the use of essential oils from plants has spread in the "aromatherapy" a word first spoken in 1935 by René Gattefosé, who promoted this practice, despite the fact that perfumes were already used in Ancient Egypt to achieve benefits and well-being.

Aromatherapy is part of alternative medicine where different scents are used through essential oils to raise good energy, improve health and many other benefits.

That is why scented candles are an excellent option to attract positive vibes and good luck.

 What benefits and properties do the aromas in candles give us?

Benefits of scented candles

Essential oils help restore physical, emotional and spiritual health and allow us to achieve goals in all these aspects.

We can display them at home or at our workplace using incense, incense and, above all, with scented candles that can even be handcrafted.

These candles easily spread the scent of essential oils throughout the environment., creating an atmosphere that inspires peace and tranquility and helps us better focus on the healing effect of different scents.

Many are the fragrances that can protect our home and free it from bad influences, in addition to establishing a calm, calm and relaxed environment and alleviating numerous ailments.

But many people decide on those candles whose aromas can give us energy and positivity and thus help them carry out their plans and projects, finally obtaining success and fortune.

7 Scented candles and the meaning of their scents

For this reason, we propose 7 types of scented candles designed to attract success and well-being.

1. Scented Artemis candle to achieve wishes

Scented mugwort candle
Mugwort plant

Artemis is a highly spiritual plant which has an intense and very pleasant smell. It is said that some Indians placed the chewed root of this plant on clothing to attract love and ensure a good hunt.

They say that the secret was to lift air towards the desired object and let the breeze carry the aroma of the plant towards it. This successfully attracted the object of desire.

The scented Artemis candle It has such an intense aroma that, when it diffuses throughout the space, it helps to attract the good vibes and gives us the necessary energy to take any action.

2. Saffron scented candle to ward off bad vibes

Saffron scented candle
Saffron flowers and spice

The Egyptians wore this flower during religious and secular ceremonies and also used the saffron flower to adorn mummies, to accompany them.añara on his way to the afterlife, as it is said to have powers to combat negativity and instead attract luck.

Saffron has a powerful and spiritual fragrance that works as an aphrodisiac, in addition to attracting good vibes and banishing bad spirits.

3. Cinnamon scented candle, powerful to attract prosperity

How to make scented cinnamon candles

Cinnamon is the spice of love, good luck and success.

Many are the rituals that even today, are performed with cinnamon, to achieve fundamentally, success in love, work and financial.

It is said that, in Egypt, numerous pharaohs offered it to the deities as a precious gift in order to stay in power for many more years. In addition, it was used to embalm those who died.

Its use is effective in attracting prosperity and the essential oil of cinnamon accumulated in the scented candle, restores the balance and harmony of the body and mind.

The scent of cinnamon is also energizing and that is why it is said that scented candle of this type can help us reduce fatigue and muscle aches and take whatever action we consider necessary.

4. Cedar scented candle to gain confidence in ourselves

Cedar tree

This strong, woody scent is said to It was widely used by the Plains Indians who placed cedar twigs on hot stones for the purification of the premises.

A scented cedar candle that unfolds its scent throughout the night, will enhance the construction of internal confidence and self-acceptance to undertake new projects and achieve personal success.

It is also very useful to avoid:

  • Stress,
  • the anxiety,
  • the nightmares and
  • nervousness.

It can be used for meditation and to calm, relax, harmonize and relieve tension. It is believed to have the power to attract good luck and positive energy with its scent.

5. Scented water lily candle to attract good luck in life

Scented water lily candle
Water lily flowers

The water lily was mistakenly called the "lotus flower.", but it can be recognized by its extremely intense and sweet aroma.

It was a symbol of the sun. It was related in Ancient Egypt to the gods Ra, Hapi, Atum, Horus and many other deities.

The delicious fragrance of its flowers that vary between shades, especially blue and yellow, was closely linked to the Egyptian religion.

Therefore, it is considered the scented water lily candle, carrier of the spirituality of the ancient Egyptians. This aroma attracts happiness and luck, and helps to achieve personal projects.

6. Wild Sage Scented Candle to Succeed

Salvia for the home

Wild sage It was burned by many tribes to purify an area of ​​negative energies, especially by the Omaha and the Ponca.

They used sage to purify themselves, they bañaThey used the plant when they had broken some tribal law or inadvertently touched some sacred object.

Today, it is believed that the scent of Salvia is excellent for cleaning charged environments, which do not allow us to focus on the success of our plans.

For this reason, we light an aromatic sage candle so that it enhances positive thinking and the desire for success.

7. Lavender scented candle to achieve new projects

Lavender scented candle

Lavender purifies and calms, eliminates anxiety and stress, helps clear tired minds.

Widely used when preparing for exams and carrying out personal projects.

Lavender scented candles They are extremely liked when it comes to spiritually cleaning the home and displaying calm and serenity in all hours.abitation

The lavender scented candle eliminates any type of bad vibes present in the environment and also contributes:

  • To eliminate anxiety and stress,
  • to feel more comfortable with our personal space.

Many say that there is nothing better than the scent of lavender to help clear tired minds.

And for this reason, when we need a little push to move forward, we must put a candle that has this relaxing scent.

When is it appropriate to use scented candles?

  • While you clean at home, this way its aroma helps everything to flow in a positive way.
  • Using it when we rest or sleep can give us better rest and relaxation.
  • When you need to work, study, or a task that involves concentration, you can turn them on to activate your internal energy.
  • Whenever you decide to use them, you can positively influence the environment, generate balance and peace.

Some ways to perform powerful cleans that you should know:

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